24 Best Face Masks for Men (2023)


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If you’re like most men, you probably don’t pay much attention to your skin-care routine, and especially not face masks. But maybe you should! A skin-care routine is essential because your face is the first thing people see. Additionally, bad skin can hurt the confidence of any man. 

If you have acne, wrinkles or other skin issues you’re hoping to combat, you need a skin-care routine to tackle them. A face mask is a great place to start. A good face mask can do wonders for your skin – it can help keep your skin hydrated and looking young and healthy. In just a few minutes out of your week, you could be doing wonders for your skin and combating all the issues you’re insecure about. From charcoal-based to mineral-based, we’ve got you covered with our list of the 24 best face masks for men. 

One thing you’ll see in common is that many of the masks promise to fix your skin barrier. But what exactly is the skin barrier? 

Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin on your face. It serves a variety of purposes, including keeping water inside your body. If you have a damaged skin barrier, the water in your body will evaporate, leaving your skin dehydrated. When your skin is dehydrated, it looks dull and lifeless and is more susceptible to wrinkles or blemishes.

Too much sun exposure is one of the leading causes of a damaged skin barrier. If you’re a man who spends a lot of time outside, whether for sports, entertainment or work, you are more susceptible to this issue. The masks on this list have high-quality ingredients that go deep into your skin to combat the issues at the core and repair your skin barrier. 

A skin-care routine is essential to good skin, but a busy man doesn’t always have time for a full 10-step routine. If you’re a man on the go, investing in a quality face mask may be the best thing you can do for your skin. 

Whether you’re looking to soothe a dry, irritated face, repair your skin barrier or just want to relax with a good face mask, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of the 24 best face masks for men. You’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. 

1. Blu Atlas Purifying Face Mask 

If you’re looking for a purifying facial mask that won’t leave your skin feeling dry and irritated, Blu Atlas is the brand for you. This all-natural formula contains hydrating and nourishing ingredients that clear away facial impurities and grime while fortifying your skin. Simply rub it on your face, allow it to dry for 10-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Blu Atlas is one of the powerhouse brands in the skin-care game because its formulas are created with the specific needs of men in mind. Blu Atlas has become a beloved brand for consumers across the country. 

See what all the hype is about and check out the Blu Atlas Purifying Face Mask. 

2. Herbivore Blue Tansy BHA and Enzyme Pore Refining Mask

Looking for a pore-refining mask that will calm and soothe your skin? Look no further than Herbivore’s Blue Tansy BHA and Enzyme Pore Refining Mask. 

This powerful yet gentle mask is powered by blue tansy oil, a naturally sourced BHA, and fruit enzymes to visibly clarify skin and minimize pores. White willow bark extract helps decongest pores while fruit enzymes dissolve dead skin cells for a smoother, softer feel. Aloe and blue tansy essential oil soothe irritated skin and reduce redness.

This formula is suitable for men as well as women.

3. innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask

The Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask is a fan favorite. This deep-cleansing, creamy mask is formulated with absorbent Jeju Super Volcanic Clusters™ and AHA, which work together to help clear pores while exfoliating. The mask helps to improve dullness and uneven texture for a more radiant complexion. If you’re a man who thinks his skin could benefit from a little bit of glow, try out the Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask. 

4. Bolden Clear Skin Clay Mask 

Experience the power of clay with Bolden’s Clear Skin Clay Mask. 

This invigorating mask helps clear acne and prevent new breakouts from forming. Kaolin and bentonite clay absorb excess oil and reduce the appearance of pores, while sulfur diminishes the appearance of blemishes. Suitable for men and women with sensitive skin, this formula is non-irritating and deeply cleansing.

5. Jaxon Lane Bro Mask for Men

Looking for a little help getting your glow on? The Bro Mask is the perfect solution! 

This award-winning sheet mask is specifically designed for men and packed with powerful ingredients like niacinamide, collagen and hyaluronic acid. It helps target dull skin, redness and fine lines, so you can look your best before any event. Plus, the hydrogel ensures that all of those nutrients are absorbed deep into your skin quickly and easily. 

And if you have a beard, no problem! The Bro Mask comes in two pieces so you can use it perfectly even if you’ve got some facial hair. Jaxon Lane thought of everything when they developed Bro Mask for Men. This is a brand men can trust with their skin care. 

6. Rugged & Dapper Detoxifying Mineral Clay Mask

With its natural ingredients and detoxifying properties, the Rugged & Dapper Detoxifying Mineral Clay Mask for Men is suitable for men everywhere. 

Formulated for all skin types, this mask uses natural ingredients to eliminate toxins and impurities, combat breakouts and blackheads, and control excess oil and shine. Plus, it’s fragrance-free, so you can enjoy a refreshingly clean sensation without irritation. 

Described as skin fuel for men, Rugged & Dapper is a skin-care brand dedicated to men. The ingredients in this mask will fuel your skin on your journey to achieving the clear complexion you’ve always wanted. 

7. Baxter of California Purify Clay Mask AHA for Men

The Baxter of California Purifying Clay Mask AHA for Men will revitalize your skin in just 10 minutes. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes to spare for clear and refreshed skin?

This deep-cleansing mask uses natural kaolin and bentonite clay to remove dirt, oil and other impurities from your pores, while alpha hydroxy acid helps to exfoliate the surface layer of skin. The end result is a clear, refreshed complexion with fewer breakouts. Created for men and their specific skin-care needs, Baxter of California is a trusted brand. 

8. Aesop Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque

Indulge in some much-needed R&R with Aesop’s Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque. 

The Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque is a refreshing and replenishing facial mask perfect for men. This intensely hydrating aqueous gel mask soothes and nourishes skin with its blend of botanicals, while leaving you feeling refreshed, softened and replenished. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan.

For best results, use the Aesop Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque twice a week. Apply the mask in an even layer on both your face and neck and leave it on for 30 minutes. If you’re a busy man, take those minutes for some me-time and relax after a long week. After the half hour is up, gently wipe off the mask with a warm, damp washcloth. A light layer will be left behind to act as a nourishing veil over the skin on your face and neck. 

9. Soft Moisture Mask

Soft’s Moisture Mask is a creamy, moisturizing facial mask that’s packed with powerful ingredients to soften and hydrate your skin. 

With fresh notes of ginger, this mask is perfect for men who want healthy-looking skin that feels great. Featuring hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, squalane, ginger extract and turmeric extract, this creamy mask helps to soften and hydrate your skin while delivering powerful antioxidants. Smooth it onto your face a few times a week, whenever your skin feels dry, dull or tired. You can even wear it overnight.

Don’t let the cute package deter you; Soft’s Moisture Mask is a great mask for men because of the high-quality ingredients. Additionally, being able to wear it overnight is ideal for a busy working man who may not have extra time to devote to a skin-care routine. 

10. Wolf Project Hydrating Mask

The Wolf Project Hydrating Mask is the perfect way for men to give their skin a deep hydration boost. 

The bamboo charcoal in the mask helps to penetrate the skin and deliver essential nutrients, while the Perilla ocymoides leaf extract and Schizandra chinensis fruit extract work together to fight wrinkles and leave you with an instant glow. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about a sticky cream getting everywhere and making a mess in your bathroom. Sheet masks are one-time use and incredibly easy to apply. When the time is up, just throw the mask in the trash and rub the leftover serum into your skin. 

The best part? In just 15 minutes you can see instant results. 

The Wolf Project Hydrating Mask won the Men’s Health Grooming Best Sheet Mask of 2021 Award.

11. Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Absorbing Mask

Clean and clarify your complexion with Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Absorbing Mask. A great choice for men with oily skin, this mask features a blend of mineral clays that work together to refine pore size and promote a healthy-looking, shine-free complexion. The mask also contains soothing sea whip extract and oatmeal, which help to soothe skin. Best of all, the natural clays absorb excess oil without over-drying or making the skin feel tight. Simply use after cleansing at least once a week for balanced, matte skin.

Don’t let the feminine name fool you. Paula’s Choice is a high-quality skin-care brand for both men and women. 

12. Boscia Berry Blend Smoothing Facial With 28% Acid Complex

Boscia’s Berry Blend Smoothing Facial Mask is a powerful exfoliator that will help to get rid of dead skin cells and dullness, and works at resurfacing your skin. 

It contains a 28% acid complex that is made up of AHAs, BHAs and other exfoliating acids. The mask also features benefit-packed berries, which will refine skin texture, minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, fight breakouts and brighten your complexion. In clinical studies, 100% of users reported smoother skin texture and significant improvements in skin’s softness and smoothness. This mask is great for men who want to achieve a refined, glowing complexion.

13. New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask

Looking for an all-natural way to purify and clean your clogged pores? Look no further than the New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask.

This mask is 100% natural and is formulated for all skin types, including dry, normal, oily, combination, sensitive and irritated skin. The mud aids skin renewal, creating a gentle exfoliation effect that removes excess oil, toxins and dead skin cells. Rich in minerals, the mask helps improve overall complexion and leaves skin looking youthful and radiant.

14. MenScience Facial Cleansing Mask

MenScience’s Facial Cleansing Mask provides you with a deep clean that won’t leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. 

This clay-based mask absorbs excess oils and impurities, while the aloe and hyaluronic acid work to hydrate and condition your skin. Plus, the green tea extract helps to purify and revitalize your complexion. Suitable for all skin types, this mask is ideal for men who want invigorated and refreshed skin.

15. Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask

The Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask is a luxurious, professional-grade formula that extracts toxins and impurities from the skin, leaving you with a clear, smooth complexion. 

This mask is enriched with natural minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium, which are known to treat, detoxify and cleanse the skin. Shea butter, aloe vera and jojoba oil provide added hydration and nourishment, while the deep-cleansing properties of mud help to refine skin texture. 

Give your skin the royal treatment with Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask. 

16. Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body

The Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body is a luxurious and natural way to cleanse your skin.

This mask is made with natural Dead Sea mud, one of nature’s richest sources of salts and minerals, known for qualities that revitalize the skin. It’s perfect for men who are looking for an anti-aging product, as it deep-cleanses and detoxifies the skin while restoring a healthy, rosy glow. The Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask is cruelty-free and never tested on animals. 

17. Kyoku for Men Lava Masque 

Kyoku for Men Lava Masque is a facial cleanser, acne treatment and natural exfoliator all in one. 

The 73 essential sea minerals and Japanese volcanic mud complex naturally draw out excess oil and toxins, while the healing properties penetrate deep beneath the surface of thick skin to target the root of harmful bacteria. It’s formulated with healing properties that penetrate beneath the surface of men’s thick skin, coming into contact with the root of harmful bacteria.

If you are hoping to tackle skin oiliness, pimples, breakouts, acne and blackheads all at the same time, this mask is the ideal product. It’s a good option for men looking to take control of their skin-care routine. 

18. Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Mask for Men

Looking for a purifying facial mask that will gently cleanse your skin and remove blackheads, blemishes and other impurities? Look no further than Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Mask. 

This all-natural formula contains activated charcoal and kaolin clay to extract toxins and bacteria from pores without over-drying, while MSM, vitamin E, DMAE and hyaluronic acid work together to improve elasticity, reduce wrinkles and moisturize the skin. 

Whether you’re looking to remove blackheads or blemishes, or just want a deep cleanse, this mask is perfect for men of all ages. Suitable for all skin types, this face mask is for men who want to achieve a clear, youthful complexion.

19. Kiehl’s Avocado Nourishing Mask

Kiehl’s is a trusted skin-care brand, and no list of the best face masks for men would be complete without this brand. Kiehl’s Avocado Nourishing Mask will quench your skin’s thirst with its addictively creamy texture. 

This unique, fragrance-free mask is formulated with avocado fruit extract, avocado oil and evening primrose oil to leave skin feeling nourished and hydrated. In just 15 minutes, the Kiehl’s Avocado Nourishing Mask will leave your skin feeling supple, replenished and nourished. It’s recommended to use this mask three times a week for best results. 

There’s a reason Kiehl’s has been a leading brand in the skin-care game for decades. Try out this mask to learn why. 

20. Bulldog Skincare Oil Control Face Mask

Bulldog Skincare is skin care for men, so if you’re looking for a way to keep your oily skin under control, look no further than the Bulldog Skincare Oil Control Face Mask. 

This deep treatment mask contains witch hazel, willow bark and juniper, as well as a blend of three natural clays: kaolin, Cornish and volcanus. It has been specially formulated to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. Plus, it has a mattifying effect to minimize excess oiliness. You will be able to see results after just one use. Ditch the shine and give your face the TLC it deserves with this mattifying face mask.

For best results, use the Bulldog Skincare Oil Control Face Mask at least once a week. It is gentle enough to be used as often as you think is necessary. Be sure to apply a thick layer across your face and let it sit for a minimum of five minutes, and up to 10 minutes. Rinse well with warm water and experience your new mattified face. 

21. Laneige Hypoallergenic Cica Sleeping Mask

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic overnight mask that will soothe dressed skin and strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier, look no further than Laneige’s Hypoallergenic Cica Sleeping Mask. 

This overnight mask is formulated with forest yeast extract, which is more effective than traditional madecassoside. This product is suitable for men with any skin type but is specifically formulated to help men who are concerned about dryness or redness on their faces. Applied before bed, it provides deep nourishment during the hours when the skin is more vulnerable. 

Overnight masks are the perfect option for busy men who do not have a large amount of time available to dedicate to a face mask sitting on their skin. Plus, the Laneige Hypoallergenic Cica Sleeping Mask is hypoallergenic and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. It is free of parabens and mineral oils, and contains less than 1% of synthetic fragrances. 

22. Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask

The Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask is a mask that will deep-clean and minimize pores. Originally inspired by the cold-plunge portion of the Scandinavian sauna cycle, this mask is a brisk, refreshing treatment for your skin that will result in smaller-looking pores after just one use. 

This cooling clay mask is enriched with antioxidants derived from alpine willow herb and snow lotus, which help control oil and reduce the appearance of pores. Soak up the invigorating chill as you detoxify and smooth skin texture all day long. The invigorating sensation will leave skin feeling refreshed.

The best part? The Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask is more than just a face mask. You can add cold water to the mask and watch it “thaw” into a rich lather you can apply to your skin to sweep away excess oil and impurities. This product ensures balance is restored to your skin, and you will walk away with the purified glow you’ve always wanted. 

23. Youth to the People Yerba Mate Resurfacing Face Mask

Youth to the People Yerba Mate Resurfacing Face Mask is a quick, easy way to achieve radiant skin. 

The Yerba Mate Resurfacing Face Mask is especially good for anyone with combination and oily skin, or men who are concerned about large pores, skin dullness or uneven texture across the face. This triple-powered mask is boosted by active enzymes, micro-exfoliants and caffeine to help you achieve smoother, more radiant skin in as little as two minutes. And thanks to yerba mate and guayusa – two highly caffeinated extracts – this formula’s performance is accelerated for even better results in just one use. Get ready to unveil a clear complexion with Youth to the People Yerba Mate Resurfacing Face Mask. 

Youth to the People also uses independent self-reporting to back up all their claims. In one of their studies, 100% of participants claimed to have softer-looking skin after just one use. 

24. Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask, the last entry on our list of best face masks for men, is an all-star product. 

Are you feeling run down and in need of a pick-me-up? Summer Fridays Overtime Mask is just what you’ve been looking for. This clarifying mask uses vitamin-packed pumpkin and exfoliating apricot seed powder to polish away dead skin cells for a luminous effect. Soothing oat kernel proteins and free-radical-fighting antioxidants make this brightening mask the ultimate glow-getter. Perfect for dull or congested skin, this formula uses mild exfoliants that won’t damage your skin’s surface (unlike some synthetic abrasives). This mask is formulated without fragrance, silicone or gluten. It is vegan and cruelty-free.

Closing Thoughts

Skin care isn’t just for women, and it’s important to look for products formulated with a man’s skin in mind. Most of these masks were created by men, for men. This ensures your specific needs are being taken care of. The masks on this list were created for men who spend long hours in the sun, or men who are having a hard time finding skin-care products designed for them. Even if a mask isn’t tailored specifically to a man’s skin, check the ingredients and see if they combat an issue you have with your skin. Don’t let a feminine name or packaging scare you away; some masks designed for women can be an excellent addition to a man’s skin-care routine. 

Skin care is important, but it can be time-consuming. If you only have 10 minutes a week to dedicate to your skin, a face mask may be the right option for you. These masks are full of high-quality ingredients that will quickly penetrate your skin and give it all the nutrients it requires. They can combat a damaged skin barrier, wrinkles, dullness and any other issue you’re noticing on your skin. 

If you’re looking to step up your skin-care routine, don’t underestimate what a quality face mask can do for you. Pick a face mask from this list of the 24 best face masks for men in 2023 to give your skin its next pick-me-up. 

24 Best Face Masks for Men (2023)

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