I’m a beauty whizz – my favourite cheap lipstick dupes including Fenty and Clinique which are miles cheap

ONE beauty blogger has given her recommendations for the best dupes of 2022 for some of her favourite lipstick products. 

It’s not an option for everyone to fork out for premium beauty products due to high prices.

She shared a dupe for the Fenty Beauty gloss at £17 less


She shared a dupe for the Fenty Beauty gloss at £17 lessCredit: beauty_glow_girl – INSTAGRAM
She revealed a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk, costing £2.25


She revealed a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk, costing £2.25Credit: beauty_glow_girl – INSTAGRAM

But luckily, there are many dupes of all beauty fans’ top picks on the market – particularly when it comes to lipsticks.  

Beauty guru @beauty_glow_girl has you sorted for the year with her top three product swaps that will save you the pennies. 

In a recent video, the social media user shared cut price dupes on Instagram for fans to take note of. 

She wrote in the caption: “Here are just a few of my favourite lipstick dupes from last year… 

“I’m testing new ones at the moment so more dupes coming soon!

Up first was the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Heat which is priced at £20.

She gave viewers an alternative product which costs £17 less – the Essence What The Fake in Chilli, which is just £3. 

Elsewhere, she shared a dupe of her favourite Clinique Almost Lipstick shade, Black Honey.

The original is £21, but the dupe is just £6 and can be purchased from ELF’s Hydrating Lip Shine range in the shade Ecstatic. 

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Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most popular but pricey beauty brands around and her Pillow Talk lipstick is one of the favourites. 

The original costs £25 which is not an affordable option for many but the alternative comes in at just £2.25.

The blogger says Essence’s Cool Collegen Lipstick in 203 is a fantastic dupe for the luxe product.  

Beauty fans were thrilled to see such good suggestions and praised the video in the comments. 

One commented: “Love your content and we are here for all dupes ❤️xoxo Thank you

Another shared: “Love a good make up dupe.”

Someone else added: “I had the Charlotte Tilbury dupe and lost it on a night out 😂 Now struggling to get a replacement as they are always out of stock.”

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Her ELF dupe is just £6


Her ELF dupe is just £6Credit: beauty_glow_girl – INSTAGRAM

It was also pointed out that all the swaps she’d made are vegan, so perfect purchases if you’re looking to partake in Veganuary or beyond.

“Love that these are cruelty free swaps!” they said.

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