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ONLE at a photoshoot in 2022

Image: ONLE

The art industry has now joined socio-environmental causes and some artists are “going green” and offering label-free collections.

BRAZIL, January 12, 2023 / — By Erika Ventura

Youth brought the artist ONLE a different way of making art; the artist has been consolidating himself with his successful independent artistic career in recent years with the freedom to explore different fields of the artistic world.

Born in Brazil, ONLE is an artist of multiple talents and navigates between different artistic niches without being tied to his place of origin, he gained notoriety on social media for not being a conventional artist and dedicating himself with his soul to everything he does. Recognized on social media for your musical essence, fashion side and sensitive look; ONLE brings creativity from another world to the artistic universe.

More than just following trends in fabrics, cutscenes and colors, the art and fashion industry is also a reflection of the current and future scenario. So if the world is aware of sustainable practices, circular economy and technological developments, the industry will aim to incorporate these changes to echo the new values.

In line with the consumers’ current expectations, a new generation of independent artists focused on sustainability, and timeless and genderless clothing has caught attention around the world. One of them is the eco-friendly clothing collection recently launched by the artist ONLE, bringing his art to real life.

“Eco-friendly is not just the future of fashion and art, but a necessity for the present. It is a way of breaking standards in different segments as fashion and art reflects the current habits and behavior of a society.”

The fashion made by ONLE is certainly a reflection of the environmental engagement led by the artist. “I dare to say that if you are resisting this concept you are likely not to be considering how people see themselves and want to be seen, besides you might be ignoring the current values ​​of the contemporary world”, reinforces the artist.”

According to Leon, sustainable fashion is becoming a reality in worldwide. Even with outdated environmental policies, it is already noticeable that ecological and social changes are being implemented.

The artist says that the implementation of eco-friendly measures/procedures are not a passing trend, he considers that those will continue to expand within the market. “I believe that this aspect came from the need of rethinking the behavior of the textile industry and society as a whole, from an ecological and social point of view, using non-polluting production methods or at least methods that can minimize the environmental impact”, he concludes.

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