Samuel Levi’s new ‘game-changer’ affordable skincare line LuxeSticks promises to make clay masks easy to apply


As the name would suggest, LuxeSticks’ flagship products are its stick clay masks. Formulated with plant-derived ingredients, the masks – which are also cruelty-free – are designed to be incredibly easy to apply; a welcome departure from the days of scooping a sticky clay-based mask from a pottle before scrubbing its clumpy remnants off the sink.

The formulas themselves also live up to their ‘natural’ tagline. While many products tend to tout the word ‘clean’ like a badge of honour, a quick look at the ingredients can still reveal some hidden nasties. The messaging around ‘clean’ beauty products currently isn’t regulated, giving brands creative licence to use buzzwords to target consumers without any real fact-checking. LuxeSticks’ clay sticks, however, are made with fruit extracts, collagen peptides, kaolin clay, vitamins and oils, ingredients designed to brighten, purify and hydrate the skin.

Meanwhile, the premise behind the roll-on design and unique packaging is simple: no mess, no stress. Like a lipstick or chapstick, the product is solid and comes in a twist-up tube, allowing it to be rolled onto the skin in the vein of a deodorant. It’s easy to control how much product you want to apply, and a little goes a long way. For those who love a clay mask for detoxifying and combatting pesky oils – but can’t stand the mess – LuxeSticks could be a game-changer.

“To put it simply, I absolutely hate mess when it comes to anything beauty-related. Many are in my shoes also. I wanted to create something that was designed for a no mess, no fuss, easy application,” Levi said.

“It was my mission to invent something that was accessible – eliminating the mess – as well as being suitable for those who have super sensitive skin, like my own.”

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