POC Supreme rain jacket review: An uber-expensive solution to the impending PFC bans


At the end of 2022, the news came out that Shakedry was disappearing from the market. We’d not long since finished making our recommendations for the best waterproof cycling jackets and suddenly everything was changing. As I worked on the article covering the details of what it meant to be at the precipice of a time when PFC bans are set to change the face of all waterproof garments, it brought to light new materials and new strategies. Despite having spent a decade riding through awful winter weather, I suddenly had a new list of things to try. One jacket in particular came to the forefront as an innovative and high-performance option, the POC Supreme Rain Jacket. 

It’s a jacket that POC markets as an emergency rain shell, but its material is as close as we’ve seen to offering Shakedry performance but without the soon-to-be-banned PFC (perfluorinated compound) construction, so we’re wondering if it could actually represent more. We’d certainly hope so for the price; at £450 / $500 / €490 / AU$650, it’s even more spendy than anything we’ve seen made using Shakedry. 

However, with its futureproof materials, high breathability ratings and high water column measurements, could the POC Supreme represent the future of high-performance waterproof cycling jackets? PFC-free materials are set to make a big entrance in the world of technical clothing, so I put it to the test and now I’m ready to share some details. 

POC Supreme Rain Jacket rear view

No pockets and a single-sided zipper, you’ll have to just pull it up to reach anything underneath (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics 

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