I’m a beauty pro and found the best setting powder – it’s just £1 and works better than some of my high-end products


WE all love trying out new beauty products, but it’s not always cheap.  

Luckily one beauty pro has discovered a new bargain product – and it works better than some of her high-end alternatives.

Jordan regularly shares beauty tips with her 901,000 followers


Jordan regularly shares beauty tips with her 901,000 followersCredit: TikTok/jordanlipscombe
She loved the blurring, brightening effect of the £1 setting powder


She loved the blurring, brightening effect of the £1 setting powderCredit: TikTok/jordanlipscombe

Jordan, known online as @jordanlipscombe, regularly shares hair, beauty and fashion tips with her 901,000 followers. 

In a new video, the content creator shares her latest recommendation – the Body Collection Matte Pressed Powder. 

She claims it offers a matte, velvet finish while also brightening your undereye – and it’s just £1. 

“Remember the £1 Poundland powder which I was talking about on this page and I was saying how much I loved it and for £1 it was insane. 

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“Well I’ve only gone and found another, haven’t I? 

“I’m out here doing God’s work. Listen. 

“This is the Body Collection Matte Pressed Powder. 

“This is even more brightening, even more pigmented. This literally transforms your undereye. 

“I’m going to show you, the proof is in the pudding. Let’s go. 

“By the way, my shade is in shade Light and again that Trigwell Cosmetics Powder Puff to really press it into the skin. 

“But you can already see, look at that guys. 

“Tap some off because it is light, it is crazy. Small amounts at a time, and just press it on underneath the eye. 

“You can immediately see the brightness…I mean look at my undereye. C’mon on.

“I set my eye first with the loose powder and then I top it off with this to kind of really give that bright eye effect, but I wanted to show you the actual texture of the powder and how it makes my undereye look. 

“It is sensational. £1. C’mon, right?” 

She continued: “The best way to describe the texture of this I feel is a matte velvet. That’s how it makes my undereyes look.” 

Shoppers can grab the bargain powder from various stores, including Wilko, for just £1. 

Fans loved Jordan’s recommendation, with the video gaining more than 19,000 likes and 290,000 views. 

In the comments, the makeup fan’s followers raved about her find, with one writing: “YESSSSS SIIIIR BODY COLLECTION IS THE BEST.”

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Another said: “I love Body Collection makeup. Their eyeshadow palettes are so stunning. I’ve got ‘Medusa’ and the shimmers are amazing.”

A third added: “Oh she brightttt.”

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