Argan Oil for Hair: Hair Experts on the Benefits and Uses


Along with coconut oil and castor oil, argan oil was one of the first hair oils I discovered when I started expanding my haircare routine beyond basic shampoos and conditioners. And when I tried my first argan oil-infused product, I instantly fell in love with its smooth feel, powdery scent, and the way it made my curls feel lightweight and bouncy. What I didn’t yet realize was that argan oil was protecting my hair from everyday damage—like heat and pollution—nor did I know that argan oil products vary in type, potency, and quality.

In my mission to unpack all things argan oil for hair, I consulted experts, including two board-certified dermatologists along with a celebrity hairstylists, in order to better understand what argan oil is, how it works, and how to find the best argan oil-infused products for every type of hair.

What Is Argan Oil?

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