Mahoning County Career and Technical Center cosmetology student Rileigh Altman owns makeup company Beauty Freak


SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) — A local student has found a way to turn a school project and her passion for the beauty industry into something much bigger.

Mahoning County Career and Technical Center student Rileigh Altman, 17, is the founder of her own makeup company called Beauty Freak.

“My inspiration was to create a community of women and to inspire them and to help find their confidence,” Altman says.

As a cosmetology student at MCCTC, she pitched her business idea at a “shark tank” competition and won — then, she ran with it.

“Ever since I was little, I always did my mom’s hair, I always loved doing her makeup. I love experiencing,” Altman says. “I just love creating and just having ideas about makeup looks and everything like that.”

Altman says she makes everything natural, cruelty-free and what she calls “confidence boosting.”

“One of my big goals is to help women, and to create a community of women, and to really inspire others. Because when you use my products, I want it to be like a burst of confidence and for you to really feel that,” Altman says.

Soon, Altman’s Beauty Freak items will be available for sale alongside treats, crafts, supplements and more at the Supplement Station in Salem. At such a young age, Altman says this is a big step for her company and that she’s excited about the deal.

“I was a little bit nervous to get out there, but I’ve been learning all the way. I remind myself everything’s a learning experience,” Altman says.

But Altman’s dreams for the future of Beauty Freak don’t end there.

“My future goals is to see myself in, like, a big brand store like Ulta or Sephora, and to see my display there — I think that would be so freaking awesome,” she says.

Altman plans to graduate from MCCTC this spring and to continue building her brand.

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