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Chennai Shopping & Chennai Music Festival

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, December 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Chennai Shopping

If there is one city in India that has retained its rich cultural heritage in spite of the global tsunami of modernization, it has to be the city of Chennai, erstwhile Madras. As you read this article, the Madras Music Festival is in progress in the city. It first started in the year 1927.

It is primarily a Carnatic music festival and goes on for a month & a half. There are music, dance & drama performances in theatres or “Sabhas “, as they are called , across the city. The idea is to promote upcoming artists and also to enjoy listening to “live performances “of some of the great artists. Carnatic music aficionados congregate in Chennai from mid-December to enjoy & savor this unique experience.

Chennai Shopping(https://www.shopkhoj.com/chennai/markets-in-chennai/)

Being a culturally rich city ,Chennai (https://www.shopkhoj.com/chennai/) has retained its distinct character in clothing, jewelry & handicrafts. As a matter of fact, during the Music season, women take the opportunity to flaunt the beautiful Kanjivaram Silk sarees (ttps://www.shopkhoj.com/best-saree-shop-in-chennai/) and traditional jewellery.

Kanchipuram, the Temple town , is bursting with activity at all times to produce the eponymous silk sarees. (https://www.shopkhoj.com/markets-in-chennai/kanchipuram/) .Silk weaving is a cottage industry here. If you are interested in buying authentic Kanjivaram silk sarees at reasonable prices, the 1.5 hour drive to Kanchipuram from Chennai is well worth the effort. You can visit some of the best shops in the town for the Kanjivaram silk sarees (https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/kanjivaram-silk-sarees/ )and Kanchi cotton sarees

(https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/kanchi-cotton-saree/)as well . What is more, you will get to visit the 8th Century Kailasanathar Temple ,the Kamakshi Amman temple & the Varadarajaswami Temple. The temple carvings are spectacular. h


Jewellery, especially classical dance jewellery , is also a specialty in Chennai. This kind of jewellery is also known as Temple Jewellery. https://www.shopkhoj.com/jewellery/temple-jewellery/. In addition, traditional gold & diamond jewellery is also very popular here. https://www.shopkhoj.com/chennai-shops/jewellery/gold-diamond/

Silver articles are an important part of the Chennai culture and are regularly used in homes. There are beautiful lamps & puja articles that are artistically crafted.


Lastly, Chennai is a hugely popular place for handicrafts. Magnificent bronze & granite statues, brass articles and Tanjore paintings are some of the best handicrafts that Chennai showcases . Further, they have colourful mud dolls ,which arre displayed during the Durga Puja festival.All the beautiful crafts can be purchased in VTI & Poompuhar. https://www.shopkhoj.com/chennai-shops/handicrafts/gifts-and-handicrafts/

Another interesting item is the palm leaf baskets and other items made of palm leaves at “Manjal ” Shop .They are eco friendly products.


Chennai shops (https://www.shopkhoj.com/chennai/shops-in-chennai) can be truly marvellous and a cultural experience in itself. The Chennai shopping markets are bustling with traditional shopping products, unlike the shopping malls, where there is a lot of emphasis on international fashion .

Chennai Trivia- The Portuguese landed in Chennai in 1522. They built the San Thome Bascillica , named after St. Thomas , the apostle. He preached in Chennai from 52 to 72 AD. The Cheras,Cholas & Pandavas were 3 major dynasties who ruled Chennai & neighboring towns . Magnificent temples form the 7 th century surround this coastal city in Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram & in Chennai itself.

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