Black Lighter Reviews – Legit Waterproof, Windproof, Electric Lighter?

Black Lighter is an electric plasma windproof lighter giving you the power of fire in any weather.

Sold exclusively online through ElectricLighters.com, Black Lighter features a dual plasma flame and a water-resistant flashlight, making it the ultimate survival tool.

Does Black Lighter live up to the hype? How does Black Lighter work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Black Lighter and how it works today in our review.

What is Black Lighter?

Black Lighter is a portable plasma arc lighter designed for use anywhere and in all weather conditions.

Featuring a waterproof design and a windproof, 1,800-degree flame, Black Lighter can start a fire even in inclement weather.

Black Lighter is popular among travelers, campers, outdoors people, and survival enthusiasts. Whether trying to start a campfire in sub-freezing weather or simply looking for a reliable home lighter, Black Lighter aims to be the #1 lighter available online today.

As part of a 2023 promotion, Black Lighter is available at a 50% discount. Instead of paying over $60 per lighter, you can pay as little as $20 to $30 by ordering Black Lighter online today.


Black Lighter Benefits

Black Lighter was designed to be the ultimate lighter for all settings. Key benefits of Black Lighter include:

  • Waterproof (flame stays lit under running water and in the rain)
  • Windproof (easy to use in hurricane-force winds)
  • Built-in water-resistant flashlight for on-the-go illumination
  • Fully rechargeable battery
  • Durable, rugged design
  • Micro-USB charging cord
  • 100% money-back guarantee

How Does Black Lighter Work?

Black Lighter aims to be the best lighter you’ll ever buy. Featuring a waterproof and windproof design, a water-resistant flashlight, and other advanced functionality, Black Lighter is designed to create a flame in all types of weather conditions and settings.

Black Lighter works differently from an ordinary lighter. Instead of pressing a button to release butane and flicking a dial to create a spark, you press the button on Black Lighter to create a spark of electricity. Black Lighter immediately creates a surge of electricity to start a fire, create heat, light a cigarette, and do anything else you need– similar to how other plasma lighters work.

Other key features of Black Lighter include its long battery life, compact design, and waterproof and windproof exterior.

Black Lighter even features a built-in, water-resistant flashlight. It’s more than just a lighter: Black Lighter can illuminate your surroundings with a high-powered LED, making it easy to light up a campsite, find your way in the dark, and illuminate your house in any situation.

Overall, the goal of Black Lighter is to provide a reliable flame anywhere you need it. Whether camping outdoors, hanging out at home or giving Black Lighter as a gift, Black Lighter aims to be the last lighter you ever need.


How Plasma Arc Lighters Work

Black Lighter is a plasma lighter, also known as an arc lighter or plasma arc lighter. Plasma lighters work in a different way than standard butane lighters.

Plasma lighters work using a high-voltage arc to create heat. Technically, they don’t create a flame: they create heat. Heat is windproof. Even in hurricane-force winds, you can still turn on Black Lighter to create heat.

Many prefer plasma lighters to butane lighters because they’re safer, flameless, and more environmentally friendly. They’re also ideal for difficult conditions – like windstorms, wet conditions, and other extreme weather.

Plasma lighters are electric devices that do not require refills or extra solutions. Instead, you recharge your Black Lighter as necessary. According to the manufacturer, each Black Lighter works for up to 500 uses between charges.

You can recharge your Black Lighter – or any plasma lighter – as quickly as you would recharge any smartphone. Then, you can use Black Lighter repeatedly to create stable, consistent, windproof heat.

Today, plenty of high-quality plasma lighters are sold online and in stores.

Black Lighter Features

The following features and benefits back black Lighter:

Windproof: Black Lighter is a plasma lighter using the power of electricity to create heat, allowing you to start a fire, light a cigarette, and do anything else you would typically do with an ordinary butane lighter. Because Black Lighter uses electricity, it’s completely windproof. No matter how windy it is, you’ll still be able to easily use Black Lighter, and wind will not disrupt the electric arc at the top of the lighter.

Waterproof: Black Lighter can survive being completely submerged underwater if the hatch is closed, and the device is water-resistant overall. Unlike traditional lighters that may not work after submerging, Black Lighter works even after water exposure.

Built-In Water Resistant Flashlight: Black Lighter is popular among campers and survivalists because it comes with a built-in, water-resistant flashlight. It’s not just a lighter: it’s a flashlight and lighter combined into one convenient device.

The Power of a Plasma Lighter: Black Lighter is a plasma lighter – not a butane lighter. Instead of using liquid fuel to create a flame, Black Lighter uses electricity to create an arc of current between two points. Like other plasma lighters, Black Lighter is windproof, easy to use, and rechargeable.

Compact Design: Black Lighter features a compact design, making it easy to take with you on the go wherever you need it. Many people take Black Lighter camping, for example, while others keep it in their pocket, car, backpack, purse, or anywhere else they may need on-the-go lighting and heat.

Extended Battery Life: Black Lighter works for up to 500 uses per charge, and most customers report getting several days of heavy use on a single charge. Black Lighter is ideal for use off-the-grid, when camping outdoors, and for many other situations where you’re away from electricity.

Lanyard Clip: Black Lighter comes with a lanyard clip for easy portability. You can attach it to your backpack, keychain, or clothing to ensure you have on-the-go access at any time.

Rugged Outer Shell: Black Lighter can survive being stepped on, crushed, submerged underwater, and exposed to other rough conditions. The rugger outer shell allows Black Lighter to continue operating in all situations, and many customers are impressed with how durable Black Lighter is.

USB Charging Port: You recharge Black Lighter as easily as you would recharge a phone or tablet. The device has a USB charging port, and you plug an ordinary USB charger into the device to bring it to full charge.

Easy-to-Use Ignition Button: Black Lighter has no complicated dial to spin. Instead, you can easily press the ignition button to create a spark of electricity at any time. Just press the button on Black Lighter, then enjoy safe, easy, and effective heat.

Safe: Black Lighter is safer to use than a traditional butane lighter, and there’s little risk of burning yourself or others when using the device. Many people like plasma lighters because they’re safer and easier to use than ordinary lighters.

Eco-Friendly: Black Lighter, like other plasma lighters, is eco-friendly. Instead of using butane to create heat and a flame, you use electricity. Then, you can recharge Black Lighter as often as you like to continue using the same Black Lighter repeatedly.

Ideal for All Types of Users & Situations: Black Lighter is popular among campers, outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and more. Whether you’re using it to start a backyard fire in the summer or stay alive in survival situations, you can enjoy the world’s ultimate lighter.

Backed by 100% Moneyback Guarantee: All Black Lighter purchases come with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your lighter, you can request a complete refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Available at 50% Off: As part of a 2023 promotion, all Black Lighters are available at a 50% discount. You can pay as little as $20 to $30 per lighter by ordering Black Lighter online today.

US-Based Company: The manufacturer of Black Lighter, Electric Lighters, is based in the United States. The Akron, Ohio-based company sells multiple types of lighters online.

Includes Micro-USB Charging Cord: Black Lighter comes with everything you need to use the lighter and recharge it over and over again. All purchases come with a micro-USB charging cord.


Black Lighter Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Black Lighter is backed by strong reviews online, and most verified purchasers agree the lighter works as advertised to be the ultimate fire starter and illumination tool.

Here are some of the reviews left by verified purchasers on the official website:

Black Lighter is popular among campers, and one customer claims everyone in her camping group ordered a Black Lighter after seeing hers in action. A reliable way to light a fire is crucial for camping, and a dependable flashlight is even better.

Multiple reviewers are impressed with the battery life of Black Lighter. The lighter lasts for several days on a single charge, making it ideal for off-the-grid use and multi-day camping trips.

Other reviewers are impressed by the durability of Black Lighter. One reviewer claims his Black Lighter has been rained on, dropped hard on the ground many times, and submerged completely underwater, and it continues to work without issue. It’s been beaten up, but he no longer needs to buy another lighter.

One customer claims Black Lighter saved her family’s life in a blizzard. Their SUV skidded off the road in snowy conditions in the Poconos, and they were able to start a fire using Black Lighter while waiting for rescue. Without Black Lighter, they could have been unable to start a fire and could have died.

Customers praise Black Lighter for being fast, effective, safe, and easy to use. Many customers are impressed with how effective the lighter is and how quickly it creates a spark. Just press the button, then enjoy instant lighting and heat.

Black Lighter Pricing

Black Lighter is priced at $29.99 per lighter, with all purchases including free shipping. Plus, you can pay even less by ordering multiple lighters at once.

Here’s how pricing works when buying Black Lighter online today through the official website at ElectricLighters.com:

  • One Black Lighter: $29.99 + Free Shipping
  • Two Black Lighters: $53.98 ($26.99 Per Lighter) + Free Shipping
  • Three Black Lighters: $71.97 ($23.99 Per Lighter) + Free Shipping
  • Four Black Lighters: $83.96 ($20.99 Per Lighter) + Free Shipping

You can add two upsells to your order, including:

  • Camo Lighter (+$20.99): Add a camo lighter to your purchase for only $20.99, then ship it with your order for free.

Extended Warranty & Replacement Plan (+$6.00): Add an extended warranty and replacement plan to your purchase for an additional $6, which means your product is covered for two years.

You can pay online using PayPal or any major credit card. According to the official website, your Black Lighter will arrive within 2-3 days of your purchase.

All Black Lighters come with a micro-USB charging cord, giving you everything you need to use Black Lighter repeatedly.

Black Lighter Refund Policy

A 30-day money-back guarantee backs black Lighter. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days. Contact the Black Lighter customer service team to initiate the refund process.

About Electric Lighters

Electric Lighters is an Akron, Ohio-based company specializing in portable lighters. The company is best known for its Black Lighter, also known as the Black Soft Touch Electric Coil Lighter. They also sell CamoLighter, an electric survival lighter with a camouflage design.

You can contact Electric Lighters and the Black Lighter customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 817-406-6734
  • Mailing Address: Electric Lighters, LLC, PO Box 19237, Akron, OH 44319, United States

Final Word

Black Lighter is a plasma lighter created by Akron, Ohio-based Electric Lighters.

Priced at 50% off as part of a 2023 promotion, Black Lighter provides a windproof, waterproof flame using the power of electricity. Plus, it comes with a flashlight and is designed to work in all weather conditions.

To learn more about Black Lighter or to buy the popular, trendy portable lighter online today, visit the official website at ElectricLighters.com.



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