Great Quality Discounted Beauty Products To Grab During Sales Right Now


Winter season sales can be pretty confusing. Many brands claim that their products are on sale because of Christmas, but then you go online and see that there’s only a 5% discount. So, we decided to weed through the clutter and find good products worth buying which are actually available at significantly discounted rates during the sales happening right now. Here are the best deals we found!

The best makeup and body care products on sale right now

1. Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops in Cinnamon Crush

Flower Beauty Liquid Blush for brown skin on discount
Credit: Nykaa

MRP: Rs 800

Sale price: Rs 560

This liquid blush comes in a very small tube and costs a lot for the size if you see the MRP. But it is so pigmented that a tiny drop will give intense colour to your entire cheeks. Hence, it will take forever for you to actually use up even that small tube.

We love this particular shade because it’s such a nice warm brown for our desi skin tones, and looks utterly natural, like a bronzer-blush hybrid. The colour payoff is ultra-saturated, so just be careful not to use too much!

Buy it here.

2. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Full Wear More Than Concealer in 314 and 312

Credit: Nykaa

MRP: Rs 849

Sale price: Rs 594

Whenever there’s a sale on base makeup products, you’ll notice that only some shades go on sale and others don’t. So, it’s best to remember what your shade is and snag it when it’s available at discounted prices.

If the shades above are the ones which match your skin tone, you must grab this full-coverage, long-lasting concealer. It gives a flawless finish to the skin without you needing to layer it over and over again, and won’t melt off through the day.

Buy it here.

3. Rom&nd Glasting Water Tint

Shiny Korean lip stain on discount

MRP: Rs 1,060

Sale price: Rs 742

These shiny lip tints are a cross between long-lasting lip stains and shimmer-free reflective glosses. The finish of tints is so seamless because they seep into the skin and look very skin-like but with a dewy, lustrous finish.

Perfect for those winter days when you want a flush of colour which won’t wear off quickly, this also doesn’t make the lips look dry.

Buy it here.

4. HUDA BEAUTY #FauxFilter Skin Finish Buildable Coverage Foundation Stick

HUDA BEAUTY cream Foundation Stick on discount,

MRP: Rs 3,250

Sale price: Rs 1,625

This cream foundation has the most natural and skin-like finish despite it being able to provide good coverage if you build it up layer by layer.

While there is a small discount on all the shades, there’s a 50% discount on the shades Brown Sugar 410G, Shortcake 315B, Peaches n Cream 245B, and Beignet 335B. So if those are your shades, it’s time to grab them.

Buy it here.

5. Makeup Revolution IRL Filter Longwear Foundation

Revolution IRL Filter Foundation on discount,

MRP: Rs 950

Sale price: Rs 665

A skin-like foundation that gives amazing coverage, this is very smooth, easy to blend, and spreads really well. Whether your skin is oily or you have dry patches, this will give great coverage. So, if you like soft-matte finish that doesn’t make the skin look cakey, this is a great product to try because it does allow the skin to glow instead of making it look flat.

Buy it here.

6. The Body Shop Tea Tree Purifying & Balancing Shampoo

Body Shop Tea Tree Shampoo on discount

MRP: Rs 745

Sale price: Rs 522

Winter brings with it a lot of dandruff issues, but since most dandruff shampoos are harsh and drying, a gentle scalp-balancing product is key. This tea tree shampoo helps keep the scalp clear and reduces boils and bumps as well. If your scalp is oily and dandruff-prone, this is a good deal to check out.

Buy it here.

7. Victoria’s Secret Natural Beauty Conditioning Body Oil in Cucumber Green Tea

Text: Victoria

MRP: Rs 2,799

Sale price: Rs 1,199

Most body oils smell sweet or like essential oils, but very few smell clean. This fresh and green body oil is amongst those few. It not only provides nourishment and protection to dry skin in winter, but it also helps your perfumes last longer once you layer them on top of this.

It gives a nice glow to the skin and is good for preventing ashiness without feeling sticky and greasy. Since it’s more than 50% discounted, it’s best to grab it now!

Buy it here.

8. Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Body Butter and Balm

Bath & Body Works Winter Body Butter on discount

MRP: Rs 2,499

Sale price: Rs 1,249

If you love fruity and fresh scents, this long-lasting, ultra-nourishing body butter is for you. It smells like a shampoo made of fresh apples, and the scent lingers quite a while. Fruity perfumes smell really good when layered over this, and it also enhances the longevity of your scents.

The moisture it gives is quite long-lasting even in winter, and it’s great for the drier parts of the skin, which are flaky, ashy, and crusty.

Buy it here.

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