Protouch Prolips Lip Plumping Device

Beauty Review: Protouch Prolips Lip Plumping Device

Dec 24, 2022, 03:30 am
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Beauty Review: Protouch Prolips Lip Plumping Device
Here’s our review of Protouch Prolips, an electronic lip-plumping tool

If you’ve ever felt a tinge of envy watching Angelina Jolie‘s full bee-stung lips curve up into a smile, you aren’t alone.

Since we often want to experiment with our appearance inspired by the features of those we admire, I tried Protouch Prolips, an electronic lip-plumping tool designed to plump up and smoothen your lips.

Here’s our review of the product.

What does Protouch’s lip-plumping device do?

This device is a safe and effective solution to getting fuller lips in a matter of minutes without having to undergo any painful or expensive lip augmentation or lip injections.

Its three-mode design utilizes gentle vacuum technology at a regulated pressure to enhance blood flow into the capillaries of your lips, which helps reduce fine lines and drooping angles while giving you fuller-looking lips.

This device comes with a USB charging port and replacement pads. The removable mouthpieces are easy to clean and have a soft, contoured fit for a comfortable seal on the lips.

This easy-to-use device is non-invasive, cruelty-free, and also (bonus) travel-friendly. So if you’re thinking of sporting fuller-looking lips at a party during your travel you can totally get the desired look instantly.

Step-by-step directions for use

First, prepare your lips with the lip-plumping drop that comes with the package or your favorite lip balm.

Then choose a shaped attachment (there are two – round and oval) and place the device head on your lips.

Switch on the device to your preferred intensity from the three given options, keep it on for a few seconds and turn off the device.

A smooth few seconds got me visibly fuller lips

My lips played guinea pig to a device like this for the first time ever!

Although I was scared that I might end up looking like Donald Duck, the results did not disappoint me and instead made me feel pretty.

The suctioning sensation was not as intense as I had initially expected, and a smooth few seconds got me visibly fuller and supple lips.

Here’s our take on the non-invasive device 

Although the product gives visibly good results, once the effect wears off your lips might look bruised. Hence, I would not recommend using the device on a regular basis.

However, if you plan to use it only on occasion once in a while, it is highly effective to give you those desirable lips temporarily.

At Rs 3,499 it is comparably affordable for the results.

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