Game Beauty Partners With Persona 5 Royal To Launch Makeup Collection

Game Beauty— the makeup brand bridging the world of makeup and video games through high-quality, cruelty-free beauty products inspired by video games— has teamed up with world Atlus, known for delivering story-driven gameplay experiences, is bringing beauty lovers and gamers a limited-edition collaboration inspired by Persona 5 Royal.

Duo-chrome Shapeshift Shadows come in four silky smooth shades, Captain Kidd, Johanna, Necronomicon & Robin Hood.

Heat Wave Blushes retail for $8 each and are available in Panther, Queen, Noir & Violet.


The newest Game Beauty x Persona 5 Royal Phantom Thieves limited-edition makeup collection will feature vibrant and colorful vegan- and cruelty-free makeup SKUs inspired by P5R’s 10 Phantom Thieves and its 10 Personas. The collection will include two makeup palettes, six liquid eyeliner pens, six liquid lipsticks, four single blushes, and four shapeshift shadows, making it the brand’s largest collection to date.


After School Liquid Eyeliner Pens ($10) The fine felt-tip liners come in six colors (Joker, Mona, Skull, Fox, Oracle, & Crow) with a smudge-proof and water-resistant formula. Can create a baby wing, cat eye or graphic liner.


Hot Nights Liquid Lipsticks ($12) Moisturizing and creamy liquid lipsticks come in six shades (Arsene, Zorro, Carmen, Goemon, Milady & Cendrillon) with bright and vivid colors. Its mousse texture makes them easy to apply and blend. Can be dabbed on with fingertips for sheer colors or layered on for bold looks. 


Phantom Thieves / Metaverse ($18) The highly-pigmented colors and creamy, fine powders feature a mix of matte, muted and shimmers can create a powerful bold, mysterious siren or subtle glam look.


Heat Wave Blushes ($8) The pressed powder blushes come in four colors in a creamy texture that melts at touch and brightens complexion in Panther, Queen, Noir & Violet.


Shapeshift Shadows ($6) Duo-chrome eyeshadow comes in four silky smooth shades (Captain Kidd, Johanna, Necronomicon & Robin Hood) and shifts to four more under different lightning and angles.



Collection will be in stock in the spring here.


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