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TEMPUS VITAE™ PARFUMS announces immediate availability of its three new Fragrances: ÉLIXIR DE VIE, FÊTE D’AMBRE, and CARPE DIEM.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2022 / — “The concept of a fragrance line named TEMPUS VITAE™ PARFUMS arose with the premise that our lives comprise any number of memories, milestones, and achievements, all of which are vividly created and reawakened by scent. We often lose sight of them, only to be triggered by our fifth sense, which then vividly reanimates our recollections.” – Timothy Hooks, CHTM-E, CRES-E, CBET-E, LSS, Creative Director at TEMPUS VITAE™ PARFUMS

Consumer Driven Input with Scientific Statistical Data Modeling

Through years of rigorous research and polling consumers’ most highly desired scents, databases were designed of the most highly desired aroma molecules and compounds. For this fragrance development project, a table of over one thousand aroma profiles was used in the statistical data modeling research.

“Each of these fragrances encapsulates an event, a moment in time, as if captured in amber: that of a concert hall, a theater, or an old library; the love of classicism; the love of an active, outdoor life wed to the fountain of youth and effortless elegance; the hygge-like comfort of home and hearth evoked by olfactory memory through familiar foods, drinks, and the fireplace. TEMPUS VITAE™ PARFUMS uses only the finest quality materials, all of which are sustainable and cruelty-free in their quest for exceptional creativity—a unique form of eminently wearable art. They glean inspiration from French haute parfumerie while possessing a singular contemporary timelessness and beauty all their own.”


These three new fragrances were created with direct, consumer-driven input and thorough scientific research. TEMPUS VITAE™ PARFUMS is committed to delivering the latest in forward-thinking products. The three new fragrances are available for immediate purchase at TEMPUSVITAEPARFUMS.COM.

Founded in 2022, TEMPUS VITAE™ PARFUMS is an independent house that blends, bottles, and labels perfumes in small batches by hand in Texas, USA.

“Our purpose is to create scents and bottles that vividly create and reawaken the memories, milestones, and achievements in one’s life. Scent is a facilitator that can bring you back to events and times, allowing you to enjoy the present moment and relive the memory later. We hope our scents bring those who wear them to appreciate experiences as they happen and recall the best times in life.”

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