The best sheets in Canada for a dreamy bedroom oasis


We tried the best sheets for all kinds of sleepers — many Canadian-made using sustainable methods and materials

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The average person spends about 26 years of their life sleeping. That’s 9,490 days. That’s 227,760 hours. Add another seven years trying to fall asleep and you’re in bed for 33 years of your life.

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If we’re spending that much time in bed, we may as well enjoy ourselves. We’ve rounded up our absolute favourite linens for all kinds of sleepers – those who sleep hot, those looking for luxury or those wanting something basic and budget-friendly.

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Best linen sheets: Tie between Cultiver and Flax Home 

Best eco-friendly:  Sömn Home

Best organic cotton:   Takasa | Homebird

Best sateen sheets:  Brooklinen

Best super-soft:  KOTN

Best ultra-luxe:  LilySilk 

Best sheets for hot sleepers on a budget:  Casper 

Best hotel chic: Fairmont

Best bamboo sheets:  Puffy 

Best new-on-the-scene Canadian brand:  Silk & Snow

Best budget-friendly:  AmazonBasics 

Cultiver’s Linen Sheet Set in Cedar Stripe.
Cultiver’s Linen Sheet Set in Cedar Stripe. Photo by Cultiver

Best linen sheets: Tie between Cultiver and Flax Home 

Cultiver – Linen Sheet Set

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We tested a linen sheet set and can assure you these sheets are a linen-lovers dream. They were perfect during the B.C. heat wave, and I am a hot sleeper. There is something classic about ruffled linen sheets that make me want to jump right into bed.

Cultiver’s 100 per cent pure linen sheet set is woven from the fibres of the flax plant — a crop known for being highly sustainable and eco-friendly. The fibres are used to create yarn which is then woven into a light, breathable fabric. The crops use much less water and pesticides compared to other crops (like cotton) because of the plant’s resiliency.

Cultiver’s flax comes straight from Belgium and France, considered to produce flax of the highest quality due to its ideal climate. Linen has long been considered a fabric that stands the test of time, so expect these sheets to last after many years of washing.

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Flax Home’s Queen Duvet Set in Shell.
Flax Home’s Queen Duvet Set in Shell. Photo by Flax Home

Flax HomeThe Queen Duvet Set

I slept under Flax Sleep’s Queen Duvet set and have convinced myself to buy the full range. The company, formally known as Flax Sleep, is Canadian through and through. This women-owned business supports other local businesses and donates part of their proceeds — plus all returned goods — to Atira Women’s Resource Society. All the more reason to support them.

The duvet set kept me cool, while looking super cool splayed across my mattress. I opted for the set in a neutral “shell” colour.

Their entire sleep Collection is produced in Guimarães, Portugal and Guangdong, China and all products are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that every fibre has been tested and cleared of harmful substances. The factory in China is small and family-run, and their Portuguese manufacturing partner has sustainability at its forefront. The factory reduces water, chemical and energy consumption, and uses solar panels as a  power source. More details here.

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Sömn Home’s Essential Set in Off White and Kidney Bean.
Sömn Home’s Essential Set in Off White and Kidney Bean. Photo by Somn Home

Best eco-friendly: Sömn Home – Luxury Linen Essential Set

Again: linen-lovers dream. It was impossible to pick our favourite linen sheets so if you’re looking for a Canadian success story, try Sömn Home’s line of linen sheets. They guys stand out for their eco-conscious decision-making.

Sömns luxury linens stand by six pillars: low impact, naturally eco-friendly, European made, stonewashed and higher quality than the “other guys”.

Sömn makes conscious decisions throughout the entire manufacturing process — they spin, dye, weave, finish and sew their products in one facility in order to minimize their carbon footprint. Their packaging and shipping materials are all eco-friendly and they use 100 per cent pure linen, making the linens themselves eco-friendly (linen blends may use cheaper fibres and harsh chemicals).

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The products come stonewashed to make them softer than your average linen and are heavy weight (think quality) yet breathable.

Sömn is committed to making a possessive impact on the environment by supporting forest protection initiatives that are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon rainforest.

If you’re not convinced that high-quality linen sheets are amazing, some of the benefits include hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, antibacterial, durable, anti-static and fast drying.

Takasa’s Organic + Fair-trade Cool + Crisp Bed Sheet Set in White.
Takasa’s Organic + Fair-trade Cool + Crisp Bed Sheet Set in White. Photo by Takasa

Best organic cotton: Takasa –  Organic + Fair-trade Cool + Crisp Bed Sheet Set and Duvet Cover

First off, Takasa is Canada’s first maker of GOTS Organic and Fairtrade Cotton homewares. GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, certification means that the products used (both textile and fabric) are grown or produced according to strict ecological and toxicological guidelines. The products do not use any synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in the process.

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Takasa’s sustainable and high-quality Cool + Crisp Bed Sheets and Duvet Cover made me feel nice and cool throughout the night, while giving me peace of mind knowing these premium textiles were manufactured ethically. A few things you should know before purchasing: Fairtrade cotton, 100 per cent GOTS Certified Organic, no harmful dyes or chemicals, sustainable packaging, carbon-neutral, 100 per cent organic cotton sheets. Alright, purchase away.

Homebird bedding
Homebird bedding Photo by Homebird

Best organic cotton: HomebirdSoft & Cozy Sateen Fitted Sheet Set and Duvet Set

Homebird is based in Vancouver, B.C. The company launched in November 2021 with a commitment to full supply chain transparency and Fairtrade-certified organic cotton. Homebird uses 100 per cent GOTS-certified, long-staple organic cotton. So you can get ready for a soft and luxurious sleep.

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Homebird’s Soft & Cozy Sateen Fitted Sheet Set and Duvet Set are a treat at the end of the day. They feel crisp, cool and smooth. The brand offers bedding in calm earth tones, which matches its organic persona. Homebird’s products are high-quality, even outside of the bedroom. I also tried their towels. I love the feel of the cotton and that they’re not too thick or thin. The towels are absorbent and some have unique rounded corners, which is a detail I enjoy.

Brooklinen’s Luxe Core Sheet Set in Graphite.
Brooklinen’s Luxe Core Sheet Set in Graphite. Photo by Brooklinen

Best sateen sheets: BrooklinenLuxe Core Sheet Set

We gave the Luxe Core Sheet Set a whirl, Brooklinen’s best seller. We were not disappointed. Sateen sheets have a slightly luminous finish which reminds me of staying in a luxury hotel. These 480-thread count sheets were soft to the touch and OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety. They’re also 100 per cent long-staple cotton, which will keep you warm and cozy during chilly winter months, but won’t make you overheat during the summer, making these a great year-round sheet. 

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Pro tip: try their Super Plush Bathroom Towels – the fluffiest, coziest towels around. Brooklinen is offering 10 per cent off of their entire website right now, no promo code needed.

KOTN’s Sheet Set in Cashmere and Duvet Cover in White Microstripe.
KOTN’s Sheet Set in Cashmere and Duvet Cover in White Microstripe. Photo by KOTN

Best super-soft: KOTNSheet Set and Duvet Set

A Toronto-based company known for its comfy and ethical clothing basics range (many pieces now on sale), KOTN now offers bedding that’s both comfortable and luxurious, at an affordable price. We recommend the super-soft sheets and duvet cover. Expect 400 thread counts of 100 per cent Egyptian cotton. The natural fibres come straight from family-run farms in Portugal and Egypt, and the company prides itself on direct-trade practices, safe working conditions and above fair pay for their workers.

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KOTN develops their products around a few key principles: “considered design, relentless quality, honest value, and positive impact — for our people, and our planet.” They support multiple social impact projects, including building and maintaining seven schools in rural Egypt, advocating for environmental stewardship and helping to provide resources and subsidies to impoverished communities. They’re also considered a certified B corp; a company that balances purpose and profit by considering the economic, environmental and social impact of their decisions. 

One important note: the sheet set doesn’t come with a top sheet, so be prepared to pay extra if that’s something you’re looking for.

LilySilk’s 25MM 4PCS Silk Bedding Set in Deep Purple.
LilySilk’s 25MM 4PCS Silk Bedding Set in Deep Purple. Photo by LilySilk

Best ultra-luxe: LilySilk25 MM 4-piece mulberry silk bedding set

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For me, silk is worth the splurge. Buttery soft and (literally) silky smooth. There is a reason why that saying exists! It feels like you’re slipping into a soft hug, while remaining breathable and cool. Silk also comes with some interesting beauty benefits. Silk doesn’t draw moisture out from your body like some sheets, so your hair and skin stay perfectly hydrated while you sleep or lounge. The smooth texture of the fabric also helps keep your locks in place and prevents hair from getting tangled – amazing for frizz-prone sleepers like me.

LilySilk’s 25 Momme seamless silk sheets are made from 100 per cent grade A mulberry silk, meaning the best of the best. Mulberry is the Egyptian cotton of the silk world. Smoother,  stronger and more uniform than other silks, it comes from the Bombyx mori silkworm, which feasts exclusively on leaves from the Mulberry tree. Friction-free and oh so luxe at a thread count of 750.

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Tip: follow the care instructions to ensure your silk sheets last for a long time!

Casper’s Hyperlite Sheet Set in Indigo.
Casper’s Hyperlite Sheet Set in Indigo. Photo by Casper

Best sheets for hot sleepers on a budget: Casper Hyperlite Sheet Set

The Casper Hyperlite Sheets are Canadian-made and absolutely ideal for the current heat-wave conditions happening in B.C. right now. Plus, they won’t break the bank, coming in at $179 for the full set (much cheaper than my typical linen go-to for breathability and staying cool).

The sheets are made of 100 per cent TENCEL Lyocell, meaning the sheets are both breathable and sweat-resistant. Through airflow and heat-resistant technology, these sheets help to transfer the heat away from your body to keep you snoozing during the warmest of nights. According to Casper, they are seven times more breathable than competitors’ percale sheets based on independent testing.

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If staying cool is key for you, I’d also recommend Casper’s lightweight down duvet. Made with ethically sourced down and a super lightweight shell, this duvet can stay on your bed during the summer months, if you like the comfort of having something over top of you, even during the heat. 

Puffy Sheets in Gray.
Puffy Sheets in Gray. Photo by Puffy

Best hotel chic: FairmontSateen Sheet Set

You know that sweet feeling you get when you curl up in your hotel bed? The sheets are somehow smoother, softer and more welcoming than anything you’ve felt before. Well, now you can bring that feeling home with you. Fairmont’s sateen sheet set is the real deal. Made in India exclusively for Fairmont Hotels using 100 per cent cotton sateen fabric resulting in a 300-thread count.

The iconic hotel chain now sells almost everything you can find at one of its luxury locations — sheets and spa linens, house-produced Lot 35 tea collection, spa products and those sweet, sweet robes. Essentially, you could set yourself up to feel like you’re on vacation, all in the comfort of your own home.

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Suggestion: put kids to bed before slipping on your robe, sipping your tea and sliding under those silky smooth covers.

Fairmont’s Sateen Sheet Set in classic white.
Fairmont’s Sateen Sheet Set in classic white. Photo by FAIRMONT

Best bamboo sheets: Puffy – Puffy Sheets

My first impression of Puffy’s bamboo sheets — who knew bamboo was so soft?! For anyone that has tried using bamboo toilet paper, you’ll know what I mean. Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, which is particularly appealing to families with young kids who may have unknown allergies. Puffy’s sheets happen to be 100 per cent pure bamboo viscose, which has natural climate-adaptive properties making them breathable while feeling oh-so soft. 

I’m serious — they’re really soft. All of the sheets on this list, I was the most surprised by how soft and silky these sheets felt to the touch. We had a guest over, and they mentioned that they were the softest sheets they’d ever slept in. Impressive!

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Puffy backs their sheets so much that they offer a 101-night sleep trial — return the sheets for a full refund if the sheets just aren’t the right fit for you. They also come with a lifetime warranty, so what do you have to lose?

Silk & Snow’s Duvet Cover and Pillow Case Set in Olive Green.
Silk & Snow’s Duvet Cover and Pillow Case Set in Olive Green. Photo by Silk & Snow

Best new-on-the-scene Canadian brand: Silk & Snow 

We love Silk & Snow. This Canadian brand is relatively new on the scene, launching in Toronto in 2017. We love the majority of their products but would recommend the Flax Linen Duvet Cover and Flax Linen Sheets and their Handwoven Weighted Blanket (like a big warm hug, without all the synthetic materials and glass pellets found in traditional weighted blankets) in particular. Founder Albert Chow is a down-to-earth guy who’s developed genuine relationships with his (all Toronto-based) manufacturers. 

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Silk & Snow is building its sleep empire based on three core pillars: better materials, conscious manufacturing and full transparency. 

Silk & Snow is an eco-conscious company, using high-density memory foam or organic Dunlop latex in their mattresses and quality eco-friendly textiles like Egyptian cotton and European flax linen. In other words, high-quality materials are made to last. All materials are ​​OEKO-TEX certified.

Our team got a first-hand look at the conscious manufacturing process, with a triple-factory tour of the cotton, spring and mattress assembly factories located around Toronto. One thing that really stood out was the strong familial connection between Chow and his staff, and the authentic connections they’d built. From Canadian partners to those across the world in Portugal, Silk & Snow works with companies that truly dedicate themselves to conscious manufacturing; companies that deliver high-quality goods that support a strong and healthy ecosystem.

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Silk & Snow and all of their manufacturers provide full transparency into their products and processes (as evidenced by the factory tours), so customers can feel good about the products they are purchasing and sleeping in. Give this Canadian company a try — you won’t be disappointed. 

AmazonBasics Light-Weight Microfiber Sheet Set in Bright White.
AmazonBasics Light-Weight Microfiber Sheet Set in Bright White. Photo by Amazon

Best budget-friendly: AmazonBasics – Microfibre Sheets

This queen-size sheet set is $27.74, is a number-one bestseller on Amazon and has a 4.5-star rating out of a whopping 161,102 ratings. 

I could probably stop there.

If you’d like to know more, these polyester microfiber sheets are strong and durable and surprisingly soft. They’re made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory and are unbeatable when it comes to the price. They don’t scream luxury, but they honestly get the job done and you don’t have to worry too much about spills, tears or stains.



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