Snow Teeth Whitening review + everything you need to know before buying

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If you’re like me, you’ve had a casual relationship with whitening products. (By that, I mean you’ve never done a serious whitening system or treatment plan.)

Before I discovered Snow, I only occasionally used strips or trays from the drugstore— and always at the last minute before an event. In fact, I’d typically conduct NO research beforehand and snag a brand off the shelf.

This year, I wanted to change how I approached teeth whitening and finally get the red carpet-ready, pearly-white smile I’ve always wanted.

I needed a brand that was affordable, pain-free, and natural. I also wanted one that actually worked.

Luckily, I found the Snow brand, read a few reviews about Snow online, which were very good, so I decided to take the plunge and try it myself!

Snow offered a wide array of options and helped me whiten my teeth by 3 major shades in just 3 weeks— with zero sensitivity and pain.

In this article, you’ll get a full, in-depth review (the good, bad, and FYI’s) of Snow’s whitening line, product-specific reviews, real-life photos, and insider tips for whitening with Snow.

Source: Kat Hillman

Disclaimer: Our articles strive to abide by all FTC Guidelines. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion, and identity. Many or all of the products featured in this review are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations and reviews. Our opinions are our own. Thank you for reading.

My Top 5 Recommendations From Snow!

Snow Teeth Whitening Review (Brand Overview)


Who Is Snow?

Founded in 2017 by Josh Snow, this company has quickly risen to become a leader in the professional teeth whitening at-home and oral care industry.

Snow creates vegan, animal cruelty-free products that whiten customers’ teeth at home. Their top-selling whitening products include Snow’s Original Teeth Whitening Kit, Magic Strips, their wireless whitening kit, and Snow’s whitening toothpaste.

Additionally, they offer a full array of oral hygiene products that support and maintain whitening, as well as a separate kids’ oral hygiene company— named Frost.

Because professional, dentist office whitening can cost thousands (not to mention be inconvenient), Snow aimed to bring the whitening to people’s homes (and for a fraction of the cost of cosmetic dental whitening).

The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and manufactures all its products in the United States. However, Snow ships their line all over the world (to just about anywhere).

My Favorite Things About Snow Overall

Image Source: Kat Hillman

#1. Amazing Results and Confidence Boost

Overall, Snow delivered better results than I expected. Sure, I’d seen all the 5-star reviews and ads with before and after pictures.

However, I needed to use it for myself to get convinced. As shown in my results pictures, I went from a 4 on the Shade Guide to a 1.5 in 3 weeks.

While I didn’t originally have the most extreme “before” teeth, their yellow tint did make me self-conscious when I’d look at my work headshots or—worse— at the photographs from my sister’s wedding.

Ever since I used Snow, my brighter smile has actually boosted my confidence. Besides all the compliments I’ve received (from friends, families, and even strangers), I love how free I feel to smile more often and ‘put myself out there.’

#2. Ease and Convenience

When doing my Snow whitening treatments, I didn’t have to change my schedule or add much time to my nighttime/morning routines.

In fact, integrating the Original Kit and Magic Strips only required some cell phone reminders in the first couple of weeks. It quickly and easily became part of my routine.

#3. No Pain (Ultra-Sensitive-Friendly)

When you use Snow’s products as directed, you can rest assured that your sensitive teeth won’t feel pain.

Snow only makes vegan, naturally-flavored products. While they do use hydrogen peroxide and carbamide (bleaching agents), Snow pairs them with natural ingredients like lavender, peppermint, and coconut oils.

Snow contains no additional, unnecessary chemicals in their products.

Even my ultra-sensitive teeth (which can’t even handle very hot or very cold beverages) approve of this whitening line.

#4. Delicious [And Natural] Flavors

I think Snow’s flavors deserve a second mention: The peppermint and hint of the lavender flavor of the Magic Strips got me hooked— instantly!

Snow’s Morning Frost Whitening Toothpaste has a sweetness and a more authentic mint taste than the average toothpaste. In other words, it tastes like actual peppermint, as opposed to the synthetic-tasting stuff on the drugstore shelves.

If you feel more adventurous and want a more exciting oral care routine, Snow carries a strawberry mojito whitening mouthwash (among other unique flavors) in their oral care and whitening line.

#5. Deals & Bundles (Great for Saving & Gift-Giving)

If you have a main product in mind but feel unsure about the extras, I recommend trying one of Snow’s starter packs.

These save you money (compared to paying for everything at full price) and allow you (or a loved one) to get the full luxury whitening and/or oral care experience.

They offer bundles for as much as 30% off the total value, including two that include a Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.

As a gift [either to loved ones or yourself], these special collections offer self-care and lasting confidence.

#6. Helps Millions— Operates Small

When I first tried Snow, I assumed with all the ads and Snow Teeth Whitening reviews online that they had a massive corporate headquarters.

However, they operate on a smaller scale than their top competitors. They’ve actually managed to make millions happy while keeping their corporate headquarters relatively small in Phoenix, Arizona.

They also manufacture everything in the United States.

Here are more benefits Snow offers customers:

  • Free domestic shipping for orders over $50
  • 5-Year warranties on their mouthpieces
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • Coupons and deals via newsletter

What I Didn’t Like About Snow

Here are the negatives of this Snow Teeth Whitening Review:

#1. No Custom-Bundle Subscriptions

While I feel keen to start using Snow as my main whitening and oral care provider, I do wish they’d consider monthly plans.

Despite having “subscription” options with their individual products, customers still have to arrange and order all these separately and at different times of the year, likely.

I don’t know about you, but having to order every single oral hygiene product online (and either in bulk or in the form of separate subscriptions/orders) feels severely less convenient than tossing what you need into a physical cart while you routinely shop.

I also just don’t like paying a lot at once. A monthly membership just feels more manageable for me, personally.

Otherwise, grabbing something from the drugstore seems all too easy (and temptingly cheap) for hygiene refills.

#2. Steep Prices for Refills

This relates to the previous point. Whenever you need to refill your serums or whitening strips, for example, you can expect some steep prices ($20-50).

Luckily, you don’t need to replace whitening serums or strips every month like you would oral care products (toothpaste, floss, etc.).

For the best deal, subscribe or stock up on your whitening serums / strips in bulk. You can save up to 15% that way.

F.Y.I: Other Things to Know About Snow

If you’ve considered Snow Teeth Whitening, you should also note these important things before you buy:

#1. Not ADA-approved— No Fluoride

Because they don’t put fluoride into their products, the ADA (American Dental Association) has not approved this brand or their products (specifically their oral care products).

In other words, if you feel like you need fluoride in your toothpaste or mouthwash, you shouldn’t use anything from Snow Teeth Whitening.

On the contrary, others choose to avoid fluoride. In that case, Snow makes an excellent whitening oral hygiene line for fluoride-free users.

However, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved Snow.

Note: This Snow Teeth Whitening Review does not go into detail about fluoride (a topic that has become controversial over years). For more information on fluoride and the debate around it, you can read this article from the National Library of Medicine.

#2. Does Not Whiten Dental Work (In General)

Except for specified products, such as this Veneer Toothpaste, Snow Teeth Whitening doesn’t primarily make products for veneers or dental work (artificial teeth, dental crowns, or other dental restorations like fillings.)

#3. Contains Hydrogen Peroxide

Many of Snow’s whitening products, including the kits, serums, and strips, contain hydrogen peroxide.

However, Snow Teeth Whitening has specially-created sensitive-friendly whitening formulas and products.

If you have ultra-sensitive teeth and, therefore, still fear the hydrogen peroxide, you should check out Snow’s Sensitive Teeth Whitening Wand.

How Does Snow Teeth Whitening Work?

Choose Your Goal & Method

Snow offers a ton of options and methods for teeth whitening, as well as whitening oral care.

Luckily, Snow makes all their products natural, sensitive-friendly, and PAIN-FREE.

To decide on a method, you’ll need to consider your personal whitening goals (such as how dramatic and how fast you need whitening treatment).

For the most dramatic, fast whitening— you’ll want a Snow Teeth Whitening LED mouthpiece kit.

While LED lights don’t whiten by themselves, they accelerate the bleaching processes of the serum— and therefore, get your teeth whiter faster.

This, essentially, makes LED-light whitening kits more effective than whitening strips or serums alone.

A step below an LED kit, the Magic Strips (Snow’s own teeth whitening strips) whiten effectively and provide an extra layer of convenience.

The Magic Strips actually dissolve and have patented P3 technology— making them far superior to other whitening strips in the oral care market.

Lastly, for more gradual whitening and/or whitening maintenance, use Snow’s whitening oral care line and oral care products. Snow has a massive array of whitening oral care products that taste amazing, strengthen your teeth, and boost your whitening plans.

Spend 9-30 Minutes Whitening Your Teeth for 2-3 Weeks

Snow teeth whitening products don’t require a huge commitment.

If you have truly very little time, or else ultra-sensitive teeth, you can whiten your teeth in as little as 9 minutes a day for 2-3 weeks with their kits and Magic Strips.

Snow Teeth Whitening Reviews & Ratings by Customers

Snow makes its users happy and has earned many loyal customers.

Image Source:

According to Consumer Reports, Snow delivers immediate results (just after 1 use) for 97% of its users. Even better— 100% of users see whiter teeth after the full treatment.

You can also check out all the 5-star reviews on their site, Amazon, and Google Reviews.

The Best Snow Teeth Whitening Products to Buy Now

Snow offers a huge array of options to whiten teeth— full LED whitening kits and an even larger line of whitening oral care.

After putting Snow’s line to the test, I’ve narrowed down a short list of the best Snow teeth whitening products for the money and results.

In short, the most powerful products include the LED mouthpieces. These come with Snow’s whitening kits, and they get you the most dramatic results.

For boosting or maintaining your teeth whitening— Snow’s impressive whitening oral care line comes into play.

Image Source: Kat Hillman

Price: $150.00

The Original Kit’s convenience, price, treatments, and accessories make it the best value out of Snow’s products.

✅ Pros & Main Features:

  • Whiter teeth in 21 days guaranteed
  • Active ingredients: hydrogen peroxide and Carbamide
  • Generous amount of teeth whitening serum
  • Versatility for connecting to a power supply
  • Sensitive-friendly (when used as directed)
  • LED light to accelerate bleaching process
  • Low power drain on connected devices
  • Free domestic shipping

❌ Cons:

  • Slightly bulky mouthpiece size (requires lip balm)
  • Flimsy case for the mouthpiece (feels disposable)
  • Requires electricity/power source (more wires, slightly less freedom)

When I began my teeth whitening journey, I used the Original Snow Teeth Whitening Kit every evening for 21 days.

For those who want a powerful, gentle, and highly affordable teeth-whitening solution, this kit provides the best value for your money.

What All Comes With the Original Whitening Kit?

  • Wired LED whitening mouthpiece
  • Protective mouthpiece case
  • 6-month supply of whitening serum, 75+ treatments (3 twist tubes of regular serum + 1 extra strength twist tube)
  • 4 cord heads for connecting to the power supply of your choice
  • Snow’s Shade Guide to track progress
  • Instructional booklet (illustrated and extremely easy to follow)

Image Source: Kat Hillman

How Do I Use the Original Kit (for the Best Results)?

Set Up Time: 1-2 minutes
Treatment Time: 9-30 minutes
Results Time: 21 days or less when used every day

To use the original kit, you’ll simply…

  1. Brush your teeth, and apply a little lip balm to your mouth (not included)
  2. Twist serum out of one of the Whitening Wands and apply it to your top and bottom teeth
  3. Gently insert the mouthpiece
  4. Plug the mouthpiece into a power source with one of its 4 cord heads
  5. Whiten for 9-30 minutes (depending on your goals and sensitivity levels)
  6. Rinse off the mouthpiece with lukewarm water, dry, and store it in its case (included)

Repeat this daily over the next 21 days, as you track your whitening process with the Shade Guide (included).

Why This Teeth Whitening Kit Makes a Great Value

For around $150, this kit’s overall value and results make it the smartest investment for your hard-earned money.

Image Source: Kat Hillman

For around $150, you not only get the mouthpiece, accessories, and treatments for one round of whitening.

Instead, Snow gives you a whopping 75 treatments (or 6 month’s supply) in the form of 4 separate “Whitening Wands” (tubes of whitening serum, shown above).

You’ll have enough whitening serum to make and maintain your pearly whites for half of the year at least. Alternatively, you can share your whitening journey with a partner.

The Cords: More Convenient Than Expected

Image Source: Kat Hillman

As you see, the Original Kit has a wired mouthpiece, meaning you have to connect it to a power source to activate the LED lights. Luckily, Snow has equipped the device with a long cord and 4 different cord heads (shown above).

Those cord heads include a USB, USB Type-C (for standard android devices), Micro USB (for Macbook Pros, many android phones, some headphones, Kindle fire tablets, etc.), and 8-pin lightning to USB (iPhone charger) cord head.

Whether you want to plug the LED mouthpiece into your iPhone, PC, MacBook, Kindle, USB adapter, or other android devices, I can guarantee you’ll have no issues finding a convenient power source.

In fact, now when I do my whitening treatments in the evenings, I often multitask and do chores in my house. I simply plug the mouthpiece into my iPhone (via the lightning to USB cord head) and stick my phone in my back pocket.

Image Source: Kat Hillman

Other times, I either plug it into my computer while I work, my Kindle as I read (as seen above), or the USB wall charger next to my bed.

The Best Parts of the Original Kit’s Mouthpiece and Cords

Despite requiring wires, the Original Kit felt incredibly easy and convenient to use. Because I could plug it into my phone, I felt just as free as if I used a wireless version.

Minor Issues With the Original Kit

Bulky Mouthpiece / Lip Balm Needed

First, the mouthpiece did feel slightly bulky in my mouth.

If you don’t apply a lip balm before inserting the mouthpiece, you could end up “splitting,” or slightly tearing, your lips.

In fact, Snow’s instructions actually notify the users about this.

I strongly recommend not skipping this step, even if it does create an annoying extra task or purchase.

Cord Slack

Secondly, while I understand and support the idea of long cords, I wish Snow had included something to better wind up or retract the slack.

I had a few instances during multitasking around the house when the extra length caught onto my kitchen cabinets.

Flimsy Storage Case

Thirdly, the mouthpiece comes with a flimsy protective case. Although that sounds like a paradox, the plastic and closure feel like it won’t even be half as long as my kit.

Plus, the case only stores the case itself— not the wires. You’ll have to keep using the box that the kit came in, or else invest in a larger toiletry case with a zipper.

Other Products Included in the Whitening Kit

Image Source: Kat Hillman

The Shade Guide

You’ll also get a Shade Guide to record and track your whitening process. I appreciate this for not only the whitening process but for monitoring my whitening maintenance later on, as well.

It felt so important and encouraging to me to see and measure my results. Honestly, having a tangible number as a starting point kept me motivated to not skip any whitening sessions.

I will definitely keep up with my Shade Guide so that I can monitor my teeth whiteness levels and know when it’s time to get more serums!

5-Year Warranty & Free Shipping

Since Snow ships any domestic orders over $50 for free, so you won’t pay for shipping when you buy the Original Whitening Kit ($150).

Plus, you can rest easy that in the event your product malfunctions, Snow provides a 5-year warranty on all their mouthpieces.

Image Source: Kat Hillman

Price: $50.00

A truly favorite product of mine, Snow’s patented Magic Strips provide the best travel and on-the-go solution for those wanting a brighter smile.

✅ Pros & Main Features:

  • Results in 14 days
  • Dissolving– No plastic applicators
  • 9-20 Minute treatment time
  • Soothing natural peppermint and lavender flavor
  • Vegan & No artificial ingredients
  • Active ingredient: hydrogen peroxide & carbamide
  • Sensitive-friendly / no pain

❌ Cons:

  • Strips’ tiny size won’t always completely cover the tooth
  • Lacking in lavender flavor

Why They Are Called Magic Strips

These strips do something most whitening strips can’t— dissolve. Thanks to their patented P3 technology, the Magic Strips have none of those uncomfortable plastic applicators and avoid the waste.

Depending on your sensitivity and goals, you can finish treatments in as little as 9 minutes or go up to 20 minutes.

Simply open the foil packet at the bottom corner (with the tiny snowflake), and pop it on!

These work for either complimentary whitening boosters or as a 14-day treatment plan.

Convenience, Discretion & Travel-Friendliness

Image Source: Kat Hillman

These naturally make the most convenient whitening option, as you can conduct normal day-to-day activities beyond your home. You worry about removing them or drawing attention to your whitening treatment.

I’ve started using these during my morning walks to the gym. By the time I arrive at the gym 15 minutes later, I just need to swish a little water in the locker room sink to remove excess product— and voila!

However, you can also pack these on a vacation, or even store them at your work desk.

Air & General Travel

Lastly, another benefit includes air travel. On smaller trips, I typically just bring a carry-on.

The Magic Strips weigh very little and pass TSA requirements for personal and carry-on bags. I pack them right along my small cosmetics, sunglasses, camera, passport, and travel yoga mat (seen above).

My [Minor] Issues With the Magic Strips

Nearly a perfect strip, I have just a couple minor qualms with the Magic Strips.

The Tiny Size

Snow probably wanted to minimize the product amount so that it dissolves with minimal excess.

However, the length and width of these strips may not physically fit on everyone’s teeth (especially if you have misalignment and gaps). Therefore, if your teeth are not perfectly straight, these may not be the best option for you.

Lacking in Lavender

I really love lavender, but these had barely any lavender flavor to them.

Not everyone likes lavender as much as I do, so Snow may have intentionally gone subtle to make sure it didn’t overwhelm anyone.

In general, however, the Magic Strips taste pleasant.

Image Source: Kat Hillman

Price: $32.00 (for 3 of the 3-oz tubes) / Approx. $10.66 per month supply

What’s my secret to keeping my bright results? This gentle, yet stain-kicking, toothpaste.

Overall, this toothpaste suits anyone wanting to whiten their teeth, maintain whitening, strengthen and soothe sensitive teeth, so your mouth feels fresh and healthy following brushing.

✅ Pros & Ingredients:

  • Contains coconut oil, peppermint, aloe vera, and hydroxyapatite*
  • No fluoride, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), parabens, triclosan, or alcohols
  • Gentle on teeth / RDA (relative dentin abrasion)** of 40
  • Soft mint flavor (non-”spicy”)
  • No hydrogen-peroxide

❌ Cons:

  • Doesn’t foam
  • Doesn’t freshen breath
  • Minimal whitening on its own
  • No fluoride means there is not as much protection against tooth decay

What Makes It a “Clean Ingredient” Toothpaste?

Image Source: Karolina Grabowska

None of the “Bad” Stuff

Morning Frost AM contains NO fluoride, sulfates, parabens, alcohol, or anything that harms your teeth and body over time.

Natural Flavors

It has a soft mint taste powered by natural peppermint, coconut, and aloe vera.

Enamel Strengthening

The Morning Frost Toothpaste does contain something called “Hydroxyapatite.”

While the word might sound a little scary, this natural, harmless substance actually already occurs naturally in our bodies to help form our teeth.

Why did Snow include it? Hydroxyapatite strengthens enamel and aids sensitivity over time.

Less Abrasive (Low RDA)

In addition, when it comes to our toothpaste and oral care, we shouldn’t overlook factors like RDA (relative dentin abrasion). RDA plays a role in tooth wear, along with other factors like plaque buildup, bacteria, acid, etc.

Prominent drugstore toothpaste, such as Colgate, can RDAs of 60 and higher. While those don’t cross the danger threshold, tooth abrasion does add up over time.

If you have sensitive teeth and/or expose them to cigarettes, excessive coffee, acidic drinks, etc., you’ll definitely want to consider your oral care’s RDA.

Snow Teeth Whitening designs its oral care and Snow Teeth Whitening Kits with a minimal RDA.

How to Maximize Your Results with the AM Toothpaste

While Snow designed it specifically for morning use (hence the AM in its name), I used it additionally after beverages and meals.

Admittedly, I didn’t follow a “white diet” during my 3 weeks of using the Original Kit and Magic Strips. I continued to drink tea and eat dishes all across the color spectrum.

If you don’t know this— many dentists and teeth whitening blogs suggest you avoid colorful, staining foods when you undergo a teeth whitening plan.

Some believe that bleaching agents temporarily make your teeth more vulnerable to stains.

However, thanks to this high-quality toothpaste, I got to live my life as normal during the process. I ate my favorite dark dishes and beverages.

The Morning Frost AM Toothpaste also accelerated my whitening results and strengthened my teeth (to be less sensitive).

If you want to get the most out of your whitening plan, I suggest that you pack your AM Toothpaste with you during the day and immediately brush your teeth after each meal and beverage (besides water).

Downsides to Morning Frost AM Whitening Toothpaste

No Foaming Effect

This toothpaste unfortunately doesn’t foam. While this likely isn’t a deal breaker for most (including myself), foaming toothpaste has a special satisfaction that I miss when I use Snow’s Morning Frost AM.

In reality, though, clean ingredients make a better trade-off.

Low Levels of Breath-Freshening

Another aspect I didn’t like included the weak breath freshening.

This ultra-subtle flavor and alcohol-free formula simply don’t offer the same zing and freshness that drugstore toothpaste offers.

If you have a dry mouth or prioritize fresh breath, you’ll need to invest in a mouthwash and tongue cleaner.

More of a Maintenance than a Method

Lastly, this toothpaste doesn’t offer dramatic results on its own.

In my and others’ experiences, it will, at best, gradually whiten and/or maintain whitening results.

Don’t forget, though— Morning Frost will also prevent further stains and won’t put toxins into your body.

Overall, in terms of clean-ingredient oral care and stain prevention, this Morning Frost AM makes for the ultimate toothpaste upgrade.

Snow customers frequently pair their whitening kits with Snow’s whitening toothpaste.

Image Source:

Price: $199.00 ($238.00 value)

This bundle— including Snow’s top-selling whitening products— makes the perfect starter pack or gift to someone wanting a brighter smile.

This collection (valued at $283), costs just $199 altogether.

You’ll receive…

  • Original Whitening Kit (including LED mouthpiece, 75 treatments, the Shade Guide, plus more)
  • 14-Day supply of the Magic Strips (dissolvable whitening strips)
  • Whitening Mouthwash
  • Whitening Toothpaste
  • Whitening Powder (whitening-booster for your toothpaste)

What’s nearly as important as whitening your teeth? Maintaining your pearly whites.

If you plan to buy a whitening kit and want to add on some luxury oral care to help extend your whitening, Snow offers the “Daily Maintenance Collection.”

Image Source:

Price: $199.00 ($219.00 value)

This Daily Maintenance Collection includes Snow’s signature LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush, Whitening Mouthwash, 2 Whitening Toothpastes (AM & PM), and a supply of their Activated Charcoal Floss.

It’s an overall $219 value that they sell for $199 ($20 off).


Overall, this brand really outshines its top competitors. I feel like I made a smart investment with Snow, as I now have a whiter smile, cleaner teeth, and so much more confidence.

I went from having a yellow smile to getting complimented frequently on how white my teeth now look— all thanks to Snow’s Original Whitening Kit and Magic Strips!

It only took a few weeks of using those whitening systems and replacing my old toothpaste with Snow’s Morning Mist Whitening Toothpaste (which tastes far superior).

Overall, Snow— like many forms of self-care— is worth raising your budget and modifying your behavior.

Remember: the major part of this investment (the mouthpiece) will happen just once (with a 5-year warranty). Because of that, Snow’s kits in particular make a wiser investment than traditional, disposable whitening products.

Snow’s products also have superior, naturally-flavored tastes, work fast and conveniently, and cause zero pain to sensitive teeth (the three main selling points when I first started looking). You simply can’t say the same for typical drugstore brands.

Still, if you have hesitations dropping this kind of cash on a whitening system and luxury oral hygiene, below, we have all the top products of Snow broken down for you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Snow sensitive-friendly?

A: Yes. Snow designs their products to deliver professional-level results for zero pain and discomfort.

While Snow uses hydrogen peroxide as one of its active ingredients, its vegan formula pairs this with natural ingredients like coconut and peppermint oil. For people who are health conscious and choose organic or healthier products, Snow is definitely a good option.

Snow also uses enamel-building ingredients in their toothpaste, for example, that can help strengthen your teeth— and therefore, reduce sensitivity.

Q: What are Snow’s active ingredients and flavors?

A: While Snow uses the following ingredients:

  • Hydrogen peroxide (35%)
  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Glycerol
  • Deionized water
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Carbomer
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Peppermint oil

Behind Snow’s amazing flavors, you’ll find natural ingredients such as peppermint, lavender, and coconut oil.

They’ve made efforts to add more flavors in Snow’s official line. You’ll find unique products like Strawberry Mojito Whitening Mouthwash!

Q: Should you eat after teeth whitening?

A: Snow recommends avoiding eating for 48 hours after using their whitening products. For one, I didn’t follow the “white diet” that many dentists recommend to support teeth whitening.

Although I considered meal-prepping weeks’ worth of chicken breast and cauliflower, I continued to eat as I normally did. I consumed my typical tea, vibrant sauces, berries, and bright smoothies.

However, I did brush my teeth with Snow’s Morning Frost AM toothpaste after every meal and beverage.

For more information on how to eat during teeth whitening plans, read this article on Snow’s website.

Q: How do you maintain your teeth whitening?

A: However, here’s something I did differently: I started brushing my teeth with Snow’s Whitening Toothpaste (approx. $14) after each beverage and meal. I plan to keep this habit since many dentists say it helps prevent future stains.

Q: Is Snow kid-friendly / Can children use Snow whitening?

A: Both yes and no: The brand has a huge variety of hygiene products— and even lip care products— that your entire family can enjoy. However, you should check with a pediatrician and pediatric dentist before letting children use teeth-whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide.

Luckily, Snow has founded a separate company for kids’ oral hygiene— Frost. Frost’s flavors— Birthday Cake, Watermelon Slushie, Bubblegum Burst, and Chocolate Milk— would have made the child-me truly excited about my oral hygiene routine.

Frost’s oral care line contains none of the “bad stuff,” (aka harsh chemicals) and uses only natural, vegan ingredients to flavor their products.

Q: How much does it cost to replace Snow’s whitening serum pens?

A:Extra strength whitening wands cost around $30.

However, this varies with the product variety and amount per purchase.

Q: How does Snow compare to dentist office whitening and other brands (results and cost)?

A: According to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, the average dentist’s office whitening treatment costs $650 per visit. That doesn’t take into account the time you have to make it to these appointments.

If you have a busy schedule and/or a smaller budget than that, you definitely want an at-home treatment.

Snow’s Original Whitening Kit ($150), for example, can save you hundreds and deliver professional-level results.

Plus, at-home treatments in general don’t require you to rearrange your schedule. You can do your treatment in the comfort of your own home— or even at your work office— on your own time.

Unfortunately, though, many drugstore whitening products have harsh ingredients. Some even harm animals in the making!

On the other hand, some of the hydrogen peroxide-free brands have slow, far-too-subtle results.

Snow offers results but without the pain and harsh chemicals. Its active ingredients— hydrogen peroxide and Carbamide— come from natural sources.

Plus, Snow flavors its products with real ingredients such as peppermint oil, coconut oil, and lavender.

Depending on your budget and needs, you won’t necessarily break the bank with this line. On the contrary, if you do have the funds to splurge, Snow can level up virtually all your dental hygiene products.

Their most effective whitening products— the Original Whitening Kit, Wireless Whitening Kits (Red Edition and Second Generation), and Magic Strips— drastically range in price.

Q: When do Snow products go on sale?

A: Snow offers year-round bundle deals, starter kits, and subscription options that can save you big. Here’s something I recommend: Subscribing to Snow’s newsletter.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you can receive money-saving offers on Snow products, hear about new releases, and get some helpful tips on brightening your smile. That way, you won’t miss a hot sale.

Q: Does Snow offer financing options?

A: Yes. Snow Teeth Whitening offers interest-free financing through Afterpay.

This option lets you order your Snow products and then pay them off later in 4 bi-weekly payments. You’ll just need to select this option when checking out in your order cart and input some personal information. Afterpay also gives you an auto-pay option for the installments and reminders.

Warning: Missed payments can result in late fees and impact your credit score (if used irresponsibly).

Comparison Table (Snow vs Competitors)

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My Top 5 Recommendations From Snow!

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Medically Reviewed by Erica Anand

Erica Anand, DDS, is a licensed dental specialist with experience in personalized dental content writing and blogging for corporate publications. She is skilled at developing and editing dental health–related content, creating product reviews, and producing high-quality oral health materials for several marketing firms. Dr. Anand has over five years of experience with dental marketing firms, and her passion for writing has led her to do part-time consulting in the dental health and technology fields. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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