Best CBD Creams in 2022 – Top 5 Topical Options to Ease Pain

People the world over use a variety of solutions for pain management; there are pills, oils, tinctures, shots, and a host of other ways to deliver every potential pain reliever under the sun. Of the many options available, some are better options for certain individuals than others, based on preference and ability to take, use, or consume them.

CBD cream is one such option that makes the renowned wellness benefits of CBD available to those who prefer a topical CBD cream over the various other ways to deliver CBD to the human body. Here we focus on the best CBD cream for pain management by outlining the top five CBD creams for pain relief. 

Top 5 CBD Pain Cream

  1. CBDfx – Top Choice: Best CBD Cream for Pain
  2. CBDistillery – Convenient Savings
  3. Aspen Green – Full-Spectrum Relief
  4. Receptra Naturals – Rewarding Relief
  5. Joy Organics – Broad-Spectrum Benefits

Reviews – Top 5 CBD Pain Cream

1. CBDfx – Best CBD Cream for Pain


  • Tiered promotional price savings
  • Eight CBD creams and CBD topical options
  • Six CBD topical products bundles


CBD Cream Product Overview & Highlights

CBD creams, balms, and other topical products can offer soothing relief for irritated skin or aches and pain in your muscles and joints. CBDfx products begin with the base of organic cannabidiol, but its CBD creams and other CBD topicals also contain high-quality active botanicals paired with quality skincare ingredients to bring you the highest-tier CBD products available. Furthermore, they are safe for use on a variety of skin types because they are designed to be used in a similar way as conventional lotions and beauty products.

CBD products from CBDfx also span a wide range of needs, including CBD cream for pain options to soothe sore muscles and joints, as well as CBD balm to moisturize. There are also skin-pampering balm sticks, luxurious face masks that make use of natural ingredients to help you relax, as well as both facial and foot-care products, each of which is formulated using some of the highest quality control processes on the market.

Of particular note is the CBDfx CBD Cream For Muscle & Joint Cooling Formula product. This vegan, broad-spectrum CBD cream for pain also includes white willow bark, which is an extraction of several types of willow trees and contains salicin, a pain and fever-reducing agent that is similar to aspirin. This premium CBD cream also includes caffeine, which has been shown to increase the effectiveness of pain relief by five to ten percent. CBDfx rounds out its ingredients with menthol, which adds a cool aspect to its pain relief features. 

This item is also very well-reviewed, with customers giving it a 4.8-star rating average out of nearly 700 reviews.

Pricing, Discounts, Promotions, and Programs

The CBDfx product line of CBD creams, CBD balms, and CBD topicals are not only of the highest quality and effectiveness but are well-priced. The CBDfx website offers tiered promotional pricing based on the number of items you purchase, to the tune of 15% off one item, 20% off two items, and 25% off three or more items. 

These savings are incredibly significant when you take into account the availability of multiple CBD cream bundles. These bundles combine multiple CBD cream products at a reduced price to allow you to try more items and find your favorites or stock up on those you love for less cost.

The Bottom Line

The line of CBD topicals from CBDfx tops our list due to its simple, straightforward pairing of effective CBD products and excellent pricing. Our review team also loved the company’s 60-day guarantee, which shows that it stands by its products.

Learn more at CBDfx.com

2. CBDistillery – Convenient Savings


  • 30% savings and free shipping on subscription CBD products
  • Third-party lab-tested quality
  • 60-day guarantee on all purchases


  • The best savings are on monthly subscriptions

CBD Cream Product Overview & Highlights 

CBDistillery is a company that is committed to selling only the best of the best CBD topical products in the market, which are made exclusively from non-GMO hemp farmed using natural farming practices. Topicals allow you to target the effects of CBD for pain to specific areas of the body.

CBDistillery’s lineup of CBD topicals includes CBD creams and salves to renew dry or weathered skin. They moisturize with natural ingredients like CBD oil, olive oil, coconut oil and a host of beneficial natural ingredients, each of which works in tandem with the company’s high-quality CBD extracts.

Finding the right pick among CBDistillery’s 16 topical CBD products is simple and easy due to the company’s handy CBD Quiz. The quiz is quick, easy, has a clean user interface to remove all distractions, and only contains a short few questions with point-and-click multiple-choice options. Upon completing the quiz, the system makes a specific CBD pain relief cream suggestion to help you shop quickly and conveniently.

While researching this article, the website’s CBD quiz paired our review team with the 1000 mg Isolate CBD Relief Stick. This extra-strength CBD topical stick is ready to relieve pain exactly where you need it most. Applied directly to the skin, this CBD topical combines the soothing benefits of 1000mg of pure CBD isolate with the cooling sensation of menthol to help target anything from joint pain to muscle tension and even chronic pain.

CBD topicals like this convenient stick are becoming a more sought-after product among customers because it is easy to apply for localized pain relief plus it has skin-nourishing properties. This tidy CBD for pain application is portable and convenient for everyday use, making it perfect for customers on the go.

Pricing, Discounts, Promotions, and Programs

A highlight of CBDistillery’s pricing is a steep 30 percent discount on all CBD cream or topical subscriptions. These monthly subscription programs also offer free shipping on each item, with the same 60-day guarantee that applies to all skin relief CBD cream products on the CBDistillery site. You can also save 25 percent simply by entering your email on the website.

The Bottom Line

Quality products combined with excellent subscription discounts and promotional pricing catapulted CBDistillery onto our list of the best CBD cream for pain relief. All CBDistillery CBD cream options are US Hemp Authority certified, use non-GMO hemp extract oil, are tested by third-party labs, and are certified as cruelty-free and made in the USA. 

Learn more at TheCBDistillery.com

3. Aspen Green – Full-Spectrum Relief


  • Broad line of full-spectrum CBD topical creams
  • 60-day return policy
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Cannot combine multiple promotional offers

CBD Cream Product Overview & Highlights

Aspen Green believes in the deep value of organic, full-spectrum CBD products from organic hemp to relieve pain through natural means. The company’s mission is rooted in quality, integrity, and transparency and it shows in the depth of information available about its CBD cream for pain options, its third-party laboratory testing initiatives, and its commitment to quality, natural products.

Aligned with its mission, Aspen Green CBD creams contain full-spectrum CBD. Studies show that full-spectrum CBD has higher therapeutic effects rather than the single CBD cannabinoid on its own. In essence, whole-plant extracts have been proven to create an “entourage effect” of additional benefits when administered with other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our review team loved Aspen Green’s Moisturizing Body Butter in particular. This topical CBD cream for pain is a rich, moisturizing product for muscle pain and joint pain. It is a wonderful choice for your skin if you’re looking for a lightweight, pain-relieving moisturizer that can be used both in the morning and evening. It’s especially great if you have dry and distressed skin on your body because it quickly permeates the skin to lock in moisture, soothe any dry or cracked areas, and provide pain relief for sore muscles and even chronic pain with an extra dose of antioxidants.

Pricing, Discounts, Promotions, and Programs

Off the bat, our review team loved that you can earn an easy 15 percent off your first purchase simply by entering your email address. The Aspen Green subscribe and save program also offers deeper discounts for monthly deliveries of your favorite products. The company also offers discount codes for a variety of categories, including: 

  • Military (including active duty, veterans, and dependents)
  • First Responders (police officers, emergency medical technicians, and firefighters)
  • Teachers
  • Students 
  • Disadvantaged (including low-income and disabled folks)

The Bottom Line

Aspen Green’s full-spectrum CBD cream for pain relief options are highly sought-after, immensely effective, and well-reviewed. Any of its CBD products are a good choice, and its pricing discounts make for easy access to pain relief through natural, organic pathways.

Learn more at AspenGreen.com

4. Receptra Naturals – Rewarding Relief


  • Nine pain relief CBD cream options
  • Rewards program
  • Third-party testing quality


  • Some information on the website is hard to read, with smaller fonts and words over background images

CBD Cream Product Overview & Highlights

Receptra Naturals values transparency and trust in all of its CBD products. Founder Rusty Scott created the company after suffering his own knee injury and finding some CBD products lacking in effectiveness, despite their product description claims. That’s why Receptra Naturals as a company thrives by providing therapeutically potent CBD cream for pain from Colorado hemp, with no specious claims or bloated boasts. 

Pricing, Discounts, Promotions, and Programs

Receptra Naturals demonstrates its commitment to trust by providing a generous and easy-to-earn loyalty points program. Earning rewards is as simple as signing up and shopping on the company’s website. Points are available by following Receptra Naturals on social media and by sharing its products with your followers. 

The rewards program is of exponential value in that VIP member tiers are available, which multiply point earnings quickly. This makes access to discounts and straightforward rewards easily obtainable and multiplicative, meaning you can earn between $10 and $40 off with points alone. 

Receptra Naturals also has a “Give $20, Get $21” referral program. Simply by entering your email address and sharing links with friends who may also be interested in skin relief CBD cream products, you can give them $20 off their own order while being rewarded with $21 to use for your own purchases.

The Bottom Line

While Receptra Naturals’ business approach and rewards and discounts programs are great enough to earn them a place on our list of the best CBD cream for pain relief, our review team was enamored with its Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical Stick product in particular. 

This CBD cream for pain is a well-reviewed version of the company’s CBD cream, but in stick format, making it totally easy to apply relief to areas of your body where it is most needed. Customer reviews call out its effectiveness on hands, joints, feet, shoulders and other common areas of the body that need quick, direct pain relief. 

The Serious Relief + Arnica stick is made of full-spectrum CBD oil paired with jojoba and arnica to reduce inflammation and swelling and put you on the path to recovery quickly. And its jasmine and ylang-ylang scent additions breathe efficient relief into joints, muscles, and pores. This roll-on stick is as convenient as it comes and is one of the many reasons Receptra Naturals made our list.

Learn more at ReceptraNaturals.com

5. Joy Organics – Broad-Spectrum Benefits


  • Six quality topical options
  • Broad-spectrum CBD pain relief
  • Loyalty and VIP programs


  • 16% discount code can only be used once, though the rewards program makes it more than worthwhile

CBD Cream Product Overview & Highlights

Joy Organics offers six different options of CBD cream for pain. Available for pain relief are salves, bath bombs, sports creams, salve sticks, and even massage oil. Our review team loved the broad-spectrum CBD value of Joy Organics’ CBD Sports Cream and so do its many customers, as reflected in the 4.9-star average rating. 

We found the CBD Sports Cream to be the perfect way to alleviate joint pain after a workout and reduce muscle pain with the convenience of a portable pump-action 1000 mg bottle. What’s more, we loved that the $39.95 price was easily reduced via the company’s subscribe-and-save option or through any of the discounts, promotions, and loyalty rewards outlined below. 

Pricing, Discounts, Promotions, and Programs

The Joy Organics loyalty points program is generous and points pile up quickly. Points are earned for product reviews (including separate point earnings for written reviews, photo reviews, and video reviews), for social media interactions, or simply by reading the “our story” section of the website. Joy Organics lives up to its name by giving out a generous 50 points for your birthday as well. 

Similar to some of the other providers of the best CBD cream for pain options on this list, a tiered VIP points program augments the loyalty program and makes earnings even better. Point earnings multipliers, giveaways, exclusive discounts, and even a boost to the birthday gift point reward (100 or 150 points for your birthday, up from the initial 50) are all a part of the VIP program as well.

A 16 percent discount code is available exclusively on the Joy Organics website and is as simple as searching the site or clicking the “coupons” link at the bottom of any page. And the Joy Organics site offers a “Give 30 Get 15” promotion as well, allowing you to gift a nice 30 percent off to friends via referral codes while earning a $15 credit for every successful referral.

The Bottom Line

With a loyalty program that is among the best in the business, customers of Joy Organics have access to top-tier quality broad-spectrum best CBD creams at a great price. Fans of the brand love to spread its “joy” for steep rewards for others and significant savings for themselves as well. When taking into account the high-quality topical CBD products available from Joy Organics, it’s hard to go wrong.

Learn more at JoyOrganics.com

How Did We Choose Our Top CBD Creams for Pain Relief?

This list of the best CBD creams for pain relief was compiled by a review team of CBD experts. To score a place on this list, CBD companies and their products underwent a series of product review best practices that analyzed extraction processes, third-party testing initiatives, industry certifications, hemp cannabis plant sourcing, and added ingredients such as essential oils, tea tree oil, additional terpene inclusions, and added ingredients for everything from aroma to texture.

What to Look for in CBD Creams?

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol, a natural compound found in hemp cannabis. CBD pain creams are lotions that are rubbed over the skin to alleviate pain, inflammation, and soreness. When considering a CBD cream product, it is helpful to look at ingredients, potency, hemp sourcing, certifications and associations, and third-party testing.

CBD Ingredients

There are a number of ingredients that should be present in an effective CBD cream for pain. A base ingredient such as shea butter or coconut oil is a great start. A CBD cream should also have anti-inflammatory ingredients such as arnica extract and collagen. 

Another thing to look for is non-psychoactive ingredients that can enhance CBD’s ability to help with anxiety or insomnia like lavender and hops. When you buy a CBD cream, such as any of the brands on this list, look for these things and other potential treatments like antioxidants.

CBD creams have some parallels to CBD oil insofar as they are created in part from CBD oil. In addition to the above, there are many different ingredients that can make a CBD cream effective, including: 

  • Organic hemp seed oil 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Beeswax 
  • Vitamin E oil 
  • Essential oils

The ingredients listed above have a large influence on the effectiveness of a CBD cream. For example, vitamin E oil is important because it helps to repair and protect skin cells, and it also aids in regenerating skin cells. 

Hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and irritation of the skin. Beeswax is a natural emollient that is similar to sebum, which can help the skin appear more hydrated. Other ingredients that can be found in a CBD pain relief cream are aloe vera gel, chamomile, calendula, and lavender.

CBD Potency

It’s important to know how to determine the CBD potency levels in order to understand the effects of different doses on the body. Some of the factors that affect CBD potency levels are the dosage strength, plant materials, and extraction method.

The best way to determine if a CBD cream has the right level of potency is to look at dosage strength. This is best represented in the number of milligrams per serving or application amount. Some products may list that they have 300 mg/ 100 gm or other similar numbers. 

You will also want to see whether or not the product contains any additives that could potentially make your symptoms worse, such as fragrances or fillers in lotions. Another important thing to look for on the label is the percentage of active ingredients. If this percentage is not listed, it may be because the cream does not contain any of the active ingredients you are seeking.  

A cream with a 30% active ingredient may work very well for the average person, but if you have an underlying condition such as severe eczema or chronic joint pain, you may want to consider using a CBD cream that has a higher percentage of active ingredients. 

Plant materials like CBD and other cannabinoid levels will increase or decrease depending on when the cannabis plant is harvested. 

There are also multiple factors that affect extraction including a method’s efficiency, cost, quality of equipment, and experience of the person doing it. For example, if you use a high-quality extraction methodology with good sanitation practices to extract the CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids and compounds from hemp cannabis plants that were grown in the best conditions possible, then you’ll get a CBD level that’s higher than if you used a low-quality extraction method. 

CBD is one of over 100+ cannabinoids found in hemp cannabis plants. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that interact with receptors found throughout your body. As you age, your cannabinoid receptor levels decrease (this is natural and not necessarily a bad thing). Research shows that CBD levels are not related to how old you are. 

The reason for the low THC content in hemp is that most THC is formed in resin glands on the buds and flowers of female plants. Industrial hemp is not cultivated to produce buds and flowers for the resin glands, and thus has lower levels of the main psychoactive component of marijuana cannabis, THC. 

It is commonly accepted that the THC content of the industrial hemp plants used for CBD products is too low to have any intoxicating or psychoactive effects (which is why industrial hemp is legal to grow in the US). 

Hemp Sourcing

CBD cream effectiveness is also influenced by the quality of the hemp plant used to extract the CBD. Organic hemp is the preferred source for all topical CBD products. Organic is particularly meaningful when it comes to hemp plants because of the plant’s extraordinary phytoremediation properties: the ability to suck up and tolerate polluting chemicals and metals in the soil. Hemp’s phytoremediation properties may be very beneficial for naturally cleaning up soil pollution, but you don’t want hemp that is grown using chemical fertilizers used in your CBD oil or CBD topicals because those chemicals will most likely be in the product.

CBD Certifications & Associations

While CBD is not regulated by the FDA, a number of self-regulatory organizations and associations exist. The organizations create and maintain their own standards for hemp production in order to give consumers baseline statistics and standardized practices from which to draw. Some of these certifications and organizations include: 

  • US Hemp Authority Certification
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from NSF
  • US Hemp Roundtable
  • Hemp Industries Association
  • Natural Products Association
  • American Herbal Products Association

Look for labels or marks on CBD cream products to indicate their compliance and self-regulation through any of these organizations.

Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing is an independent evaluation that takes place outside of the CBD producer’s premises, by a reputable laboratory. These third-party tests are usually the deciding factor for whether people will buy a product or not.

There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is that third-party testing means that consumers know what they are putting in their bodies. The lab does not have any vested interest and consumers can rely on their independent opinion about quality and safety. Third-party labs also provide reports with all the details about how a product was tested, which other compounds were found, and in what quantities, as well as any potential hazards or contaminants.

A third-party lab that provides CBD testing ensures a brand’s consistency and quality by making sure that the raw materials being used in the production process are safe and are of sufficiently high quality. It provides detailed reports on how well CBD oil works, how much of it there is per serving, what other cannabinoids are present at what levels, and what type of ingredients are present.

Health Benefits of CBD

CBD creams are applied topically and can be used for a variety of conditions, such as pain relief from arthritis, inflammation from injuries or surgery, and muscle soreness. CBD creams contain an extract from the hemp cannabis plant that is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), which has many medicinal properties. There are a variety of CBD cream brands on the market today that offer different types of products for specific needs and ailments.

Many people use CBD cream because CBD has been found to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce swelling in any area where it is applied. This can help with the pain caused by any inflammatory condition in joints, muscles, tendons, or other areas of the body.

How to Use CBD Cream for Pain

There are a number of ways to apply CBD cream for maximum effectiveness. The most common way is to rub it on your skin in the area where you want to relieve pain. You can also rub CBD cream on your temples or behind your ears if you want relief from a headache or stress. You can even put some cream on your knees if you are feeling pain there. As in all pain relief solutions, it is advisable to start with a low dose of CBD cream and work your way up until you find the right amount for you. 

If you want to put some CBD cream on your joints for maximum pain relief, try applying it about two hours before strenuous use (such as a workout) or even before you go to sleep in order for the CBD to fully work into your skin. When using CBD cream for pain, it’s best to apply it directly on the sore muscles or joints rather than rubbing it all over your body at once. This practice will also save on costs, as you will use less product and extend the value of your CBD pain cream purchase.

How Long Does it Take for CBD Cream to Work?

CBD cream is a topical application and can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to two hours before it starts working. It should be applied to the skin as thinly as possible, taking care not to get any in the eyes.

Best practices indicate that CBD cream should be applied at least twice daily, preferably at bedtime and upon awakening, or a couple of hours prior to exercise or hard activity to maximize its effects and give it time to fully work into your skin.

Creams and oils both have different levels of potency, with oil being known to be more potent than cream. However, individual lengths of time-to-effectiveness should always be taken into account when deciding which product to use, as not everyone’s body will react the same way.

Possible Side Effects of CBD

While generally safe to use, there are some side effects that may happen after ingesting or applying CBD cream to the skin. Some of these side effects include sleepiness or tiredness due to the calming effect that it has on the body and mind; however, this effect can vary between different people based off of their unique bodily chemicals and their response to THC levels in their system. Note: the THC part only applies to full-spectrum CBD solutions. A lot of the research on CBD is still in its early stages and not perfectly conclusive. That being said, there are some potential side effects of CBD that users should note.

Some things to keep in mind if you’re considering taking CBD are:

  1. The side effects of CBD are largely dependent on your current health status and how your body reacts to the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant.
  2. The most common side effect reported is feeling tired or sleepy after taking CBD. However, this can be helpful for those who need help sleeping or want a daytime energy boost with a calming, sleep-inducing effect later on.
  3. Some people find that taking large doses of CBD over a long period of time disrupts their digestion and causes stomach cramps. This can be avoided by “building up” slowly from small doses to larger doses and taking it at more frequent intervals.

Some people have found CBD creams to cause feelings of being tired or having a reduced appetite. The side effects vary from one person to another and also depend on the dosage of CBD that you take. It is important to know what you are taking before you start using CBD, as not every drug will work the same way for every person.


Broad-spectrum CBD vs. Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

There are three main forms of CBD that are currently in use: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is the most popular form of CBD and is the only one of the three types that contains multiple cannabinoids (including THC) as well as all of the natural elements and interactive terpenes from a hemp cannabis plant. 

Full-spectrum CBD provides a full entourage effect where the various natural hemp compounds interact with each other to provide enhanced effects. By law, THC levels in CBD products must be less than .3%, so full-spectrum products do not cause any psychoactive effects.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD is a hemp cannabis extract that, like full-spectrum CBD, contains a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids – except it does not contain THC.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is CBD that has been purposefully separated from the other chemicals found in cannabis. Isolate does not have the same entourage effect as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD because it lacks terpenes and other cannabinoids. 

The main advantage of choosing a CBD isolate is if you’re looking for a product that contains CBD and nothing else. Isolates tend to be less popular, however, it can be very useful for people who specifically choose to avoid any other compounds but CBD, or for those that enjoy CBD but cannot risk trace amounts of THC showing up on a drug test.


CBD cream for pain is an easy, effective way to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, and inflammations and reduce pain in targeted areas of the body. This list reflects the best of the best CBD cream products and brands that reflect the highest quality, value, and reputation. On your road to recovery and pain reduction, we hope this guide will be of great help.

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