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ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

The past few years have been a transformation into clean skincare products and it has been overwhelming as there is so much to choose from which is truly a blessing because we all aspire to have beautiful-looking skin by maintaining a regular skincare regimen and utilising the greatest active ingredients that are good for our skin. However, finding the appropriate ingredients is more difficult than it first appears.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Karishma M Sanghi, Founder of Forest Trove, shared, “Natural active ingredients are highly praised for their positive effects on the skin and lack of adverse effects.” Encouraging clean beauty that’s cruelty free, vegan and non-toxic, she talked about how Moringa and White Tea are underrated beauty ingredients –

  • Moringa – We have several wonderful herbs from nature, like moringa. The advantages of moringa need to be lauded, from aiding in pain relief to enhancing muscle growth. You’ll be astounded to learn that this miraculous green also increases hair volume and skin radiance. This also helps to plant more trees, bring money to farmers and leads to lots of reforestation. Moringa is waxy to touch but very smooth when applied to the face and leaves the face matte and velvety. Post application of makeup, it keeps the foundation in place. Moringa acts as a hydrating agent which leaves the skin soft, fresh and glowing. It has anti-bacterial properties which help in the prevention of acne, blemishes and black heads. It’s also a go-to ingredient for those that suffer with dry skin. It is rich in oleic acid which is an omega fatty acid. The lightweight oil helps to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, protecting the skins moisture barrier by keeping it well hydrated. As potent anti-aging components that support collagen regeneration, lessen hyperpigmentation and nourish the skin, skin-loving vitamins A, C and E are also present in it.
  • White Tea – There is another magical product. Most people are familiar with the popular teas – green, black and oolong however, there is a fourth which has recently gained popularity. White tea has emerged in Asia and achieved popularity in the West in the last 200 years. White tea is a tea which is least processed and helps in promoting healthy skin. Acne, pimples and other skin anomalies including pigmentation are problems for many people. Even while the majority of these skin issues are neither harmful or life threatening, they can nonetheless be inconvenient and undermine confidence. White tea’s antibacterial and antioxidant qualities can help you attain a uniform complexion. White tea is rich in phenols, which can help to build elasticity and collagen, giving skin a smoother, younger appearance. These two proteins play a key role in constructing healthy skin and avoiding wrinkles. White tea extract contains antioxidants that protect skin cells from UV damage. In addition to replenishing and increasing the skin’s immunity and maintaining a healthy outer barrier, white tea extract contains natural healing, relaxing and protecting properties. A damaged skin barrier can allow outside agents to enter the skin and cause cells damage. White tea extract helps the skin repel damaging outside factors and keep a healthy, supple and radiant appearance by enhancing the lipid barrier.

Anita Golani, Founder of Iora Skincare highlighted how Alpha Glucan Oligosaccharide and Pomegranate Oil are underrated beauty ingredients –

  • Alpha Glucan Oligosaccharide – Did you realise that our skin also enjoys sweets? The sugarcane ingredient called Alpha Glucan Oligosaccharide is produced through the enzymatic synthesis process. This substance is naturally prebiotic and supports the integrity of our skin’s barrier. The alpha-glucan oligosaccharide prevents water loss from the epidermis and provides the skin with ambient moisture. It lessens dry skin’s flaking and cracking. Thus, it makes the skin elastic, soft and nourishes the skin’s good bacteria, making the skin healthier overall. Acne scars, under-eye bags and uneven pigmentation can all be eliminated thanks to phytosterols found in products with Alpha Glucan Oligosaccharide, which also promote healing and skin flexibility. Time can really help the skin heal after any damage has been done.
  • Pomegranate Oil – Omega-5 fatty acids found in pomegranate oil are thought to be extremely potent antioxidants that fight hard to shield your skin from the damaging free radicals that we come into contact with on a daily basis. However, pomegranate oil also includes a plethora of other omega acids, which have a wide range of beneficial properties including the ability to soothe skin, treat acne and remove sebum from pores. Pomegranate oil can actually help restore the skin after harm has occurred because it encourages cell growth, collagen synthesis, mild hydration and long-term skin health. It can be highly effective as a moisturizer for all skin types but it is especially beneficial for individuals with dry skin. The oil’s Omega-6 content and palmitic acid provide a mild laxative effect. lt has a light moisturizing action that prevents flakiness and dry cracking of the skin. Since pomegranate seed oil is anti-inflammatory and regenerative, it is frequently used to reduce skin blemishes.

Talking about the effects of vegan diet and how our body changes from day one, Kunal Mutha, Founder of Only Earth, said, “To see immediate changes in your body, it is recommended to go on a whole food plant-based diet. This lifestyle consists of eating fibre rich foods which help you in reducing inflammation in your body and also aid in reversing many health issues. A person will soon notice an increase in energy levels due to the introduction of fibre rich food such as veggies, fruits, legumes and nuts into the meals. Thinking ahead about your meals and snacks rather than relying on convenience foods will help you stay consistent in eating raw and unprocessed food. If this diet is consistently followed, the body will replenish with a significant amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber that are frequently lacking in animal-based foods, especially fiber, and will make the body function at its optimal level.”

He asserted, “There will probably be a change in bowel function as the number of days without animal products increases into weeks, either toward a more regular, healthy pattern. You can notice softer skin, a healthy shine and acne that has significantly lessened or disappeared few months after being vegan. It is recommended to take vegan supplements of Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 for improved functioning of the body. One of the most important factors leading to improved health on this diet is the balance and variety of plant based food you include in your daily meal routine. Many of those benefits could easily be nullified by inadequacies if the diet isn’t planned properly. With every passing day, supermarkets and restaurants are making it easier than ever to enjoy a varied and exciting vegan diet.”

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