7 Best Beauty Products of 2022, According to Teen Vogue Editors


2022 has been quite eventful for beauty gurus, allowing us to discover some of the best beauty products we’ve ever added to our collections. From cheesy collabs to celebrity-owned brands, there have been so many new makeup products. Plus, some of our long-time favorite products (even a controversial one from the 2000’s) went viral this year. Some products inspired clever hacks, like using blush as an under-eye base, or major trends, like the celebrity-approved anti-mascara and heavy blush.

Here at Teen Vogue, we try out a lot of things, so you don’t have to. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty with a little DIY as long as it means we can give you all first-hand perspectives on the latest beauty trends. Naturally, through all these trials (and errors), we’ve found some stellar products that even became our personal everyday favorites. From skin care saviors to makeup must-haves and precious perfumes, here are some of the best beauty products we tried out this year. Scroll on to see our favorite beauty products of 2022.

Sara Delgado, Contributing Style Editor

Everybody loves K-Beauty, but J-Beauty needs more attention. If you know me, you probably know my skin is suuuuper dry. I initially bought this lotion to use on my face and it worked wonders; but one day, I decided to give it a try on my body too. The skin on my torso and back is by far the flakiest on my body and this has helped wonders to combat that. I lather a generous amount right as I get out of the shower, while my still is still damp, and follow it up with a body moisturizer. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes! (I still use it on my face sometimes if I want a plumped effect — it is a fan favorite for a reason!)

P. Claire Dodson, Senior Entertainment Editor

This year, my favorite perfume became Maison Margiela’s Replica warm, spicy scent By the Fireplace. It captures that bonfire cozy fall feeling all year round, minus the stale smoke smell that happens when you sit in front of an actual fire. It’s strong, so a little goes a long way, but it’s also a great smoky flavor to layer with your leftover sweet perfumes that might feel too cloying to wear on their own. Most importantly, it achieves my forever fragrance goal: that lingering half-perfumed second and third day scent in my clothes when I pull a sweater out of the drawer to wear again.

Tchesmeni Leonard, Senior Fashion Editor

THEE best red lipstick of all time. It’s universally flattering and stays on for most of the day. It’s matte but is surprisingly moisturizing and looks like velvet on your lips.

Karissa Mitchell, Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor

The ONLY body butter you should even entertain! Silky smooth, not sticky and the fragrance is so strong it low-key doubles a perfume. The Pomegranate/Mango smell is my fav. You’re sure to be asked where you got it from and if you share, you’ll never get it back. I wouldn’t lie to you. BEST BODY BUTTER ON THE MARKET! Created by model and influencer, Tatiana Elizabeth. So so so so so so so GOOD!

Aiyana Ishmael, Editorial Assistant

I first tried out Community 66 this past spring and immediately was obsessed with the messaging — “it takes 66 days to fully form a habit.” I’ve been consistently using a majority of their products on my skin, but really love the eye cream. I look perpetually tired because of my sunken under-eyes and the eye cream really has been a game changer for me.

Louisiana Mei Gelpi, Visual Editor

My skin has been all over the place this year but this product was the one that turned it around and helped with texture and tone. I love that it’s gentle enough to use everyday and I can just pair this with moisturizer and be done with my routine (after double cleansing of course)!

Donya Momenian, Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor

In the cutest and most convenient packaging, Kaja has created the perfect eyeshadows for those who love all things minimalistic, except when it comes to makeup. Don’t let the sleek pocket-sized appearance mislead you, this bento palette has the perfect shade for blending and eyeliner, a mesmerizing shimmery shade, and a gorgeous glitter you’ll want to wear all over. It’s everything all in one!

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