Anisa International Celebrates 30 Years Of Vegan Brush Expertise

For Anisa Telwar Kaicker, a pioneer in makeup and skincare brush innovation, achieving a head-turning makeup look begins with the right brushes—and makeup artists and consumers alike should know the value in their application tools, she insists. 


Telwar Kaicker heads B2B brush manufacturing company Anisa International, a self-funded designer and manufacturer of cruelty-free beauty brushes with two manufacturing sites and 400 employees. This fall, she’s celebrating 30 years of brush innovation; Anisa International has 67 patented designs and 28 patent-pending designs. 

After a long career in creating brushes for top makeup brands like Estée Lauder, Rare Beauty, Revlon, Mario, Sephora and Saie Beauty, she launched a skincare and makeup brush line under her very own brand, Anisa Beauty, putting in concerted effort into crafting facial brushes with meticulous precision with the goal of creating an immaculate and effortless look.    


“To me, brushes create confidence. At the end of the day, if we’re able to apply our skincare and makeup in a way that you can go out into the world and feel better about ourselves, we don’t have to think we have things we want to enhance or hide,” said Telwar Kaicker. “Good skin aligns with good makeup.”


Telwar Kaicker prides herself on creating brushes that are cruelty-free and delicate on skin. They are easy to grip and the bristles’ designs are dependent upon the type of brush being used for application of a particular cosmetic product. The brush heads are super soft to the touch and made to pick up the product to make for even distribution and shaped to adhere to the face in order to get into crevices like the corner of the eyes, bottom of the nose and around eyebrows for complete, flawless coverage.

Brushes for Face & Eyes     

The Pinnacle Foundation Brush, which has a patented triangular brush head, contains soft and densely-packed manmade brush fibers that evenly distribute foundation or tinted moisturizer throughout the entire face. 


“It’s dense but flexible,” said Telwar Kaicker of the bristles. “This brush, whether it’s a tinted moisturizer, or a long wear foundation, whether you want to layer with a concealer first, and then add your foundation, allows you to do all that. You choose the coverage you want.”


The Pinnacle Foundation Brush is designed to press on product to melt it into the skin, not sweep it on, with aim to preserve the integrity of the skin’s texture, this way, the product does not leave the face with a caked-on look. Also comes in a travel size. 

For eyeshadow application, the Eye Crescent Crease Brush is designed to make eyeshadow application fun and easy. Instead of a straight head, this brush is designed in a curved shape to seamlessly sweep over the any eye’s shape. With back-and-forth motions similar to a windshield wiper, the brush covers the entire lid and crease with the shadow. 

To prep the eye for eyeshadow application and to help the eyeshadow’s staying power, the Eye Primer Brush head is super smooth and shaped like a scoop to make gentle, horizontal strokes like a paint brush over the eye to hydrate and smooth. 

Beauty Lovers Makeup Brush Set 

To educate more consumers on the importance of high-quality makeup brushes, Anisa Beauty offers the Beauty Lovers Makeup Brush Set ($80). Perfect to be presented as a gift for the makeup lover or to the bride-to-be, the set contains three artisanal brushes: All-Over Face Brush, Crescent Contour Brush and the Angled Cheek Brush, which all pairs with cream, liquid and powder formulas, (minus the liquid for the cheek brush.) 


Telwar Kaicker is hoping the brush set will enhance consumers’ understanding of the importance of investing in good brushes, which result in higher quality makeup applications. Considering healthy skin as the basis for a flawless makeup job, next April, Anisa Beauty will release a Pinnacle Skincare Brush designed to be massaged into the face for a deep, yet gentle clean.


“Once they understand the brand, and the product, and they start to use it, and start to appreciate the thoughtfulness behind what we are doing, they understand that we’re really trying to think about them, how to make their lives easier, and how they can enjoy makeup,” said Telwar Kaicker. 


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