How To Vote Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards 2022


The Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards are back and we’re asking you to get your game face on, and vote. Your vote decides if your favourite beauty products are gonna be crowned champions and this is just the warm-up.

Step 1: Log onto or and click on the voting banner. 

Step 2: Enter your details, fill in your name, age, and email id. Yep, it will be over in a flash. 

Step 3: Get clicking! Vote for your favourite beauty products. Every vote matters and that will take your fave products across the finish line. 

Step 4: Claim your Nykaa voucher.  After all, you do need a reward for all that hard work. Go get price. 

You can also watch how to do it below:

Click here to register. There you go! It’s as easy as 123.

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