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It’s impossible to deny the holiday air all along the Rockies. The traffic on the Peak to Peak Highway has drastically diminished, and the businesses that remain open during the winter are drowning with the sweet scents of cinnamon or pine.

The imposing holiday decor on windows and doors gives us reason to smile, reminding us to be a little nicer. “Hello, welcome!” I heard as I walked into every shop in Central City while owners and employees opened boxes and worked on their holiday displays.

The Gilpin Historical Society offers information on the county and is a tremendous resource for any history buff. A tour of the Gilpin History Museum, the Thomas House, the Coeur d’Alene Mine Shaft House, or a peek at the oldest continuously printed newspaper shop in Colorado would make a unique gift. Samples of gold and silver fit perfectly inside any stocking, and who couldn’t use another cool t-shirt? Find it all at the Gilpin Historical Society.

The Gilpin Historical Society is located at 228 E 1st High St., Central City. Schedule your gift of a tour at 303.582.5283. To learn more, visit www.gilpinhistory.org/ or follow them at: www.facebook.com/GilpinHistory

For the jewelry, sports memorabilia, and collectibles enthusiast, the Hawley Mercantile of Central City is a haven. Make time to see all four floors of some of the coolest items on this side of the Rocky Mountains. More than forty-five vendors, well-versed in their craft, supply the mercantile with postcards, collectible coins, historical photos, and everything in between.

The Hawley Mercantile of Central City is located at 121 Main St., Central City. They can be reached by phone at 303.228.6926. To learn more, visit: www.hawleymercantile.com/ or follow them on social media: www.facebook.com/ hawleymercantile

We all know someone with a heart as big as the mountains. Why not gift them the perfect gift from Mountain Heart Flowers and Gifts? Home decor, accessories, and souvenirs are some items you’ll find at the Mountain Heart Gallery. There’s plenty more to see and choose from, but we can’t give it all away here. Add this one to your holiday shop stops. You won’t be disappointed.

Mountain Heart Gallery is located at 115 Main St., Central City. They can be reached by phone at 303.249.8131. To learn more, follow them on social media: www.facebook.com/debrice0711.

For all of your holiday festivities, don’t forget to add Annie Oakley’s Emporium to your list of shops to stop in. Whether you’re bringing something special to a party or throwing one, at Annie’s you’re sure to find what you need, including that last-minute ingredient for your baked goods. Don’t forget the beer and liquor. Annie Oakley’s Emporium is located at 135 Nevada St., Central City. They can be reached by phone at 303.582.3530.

Should you find yourself lost while hopping from one Central City shop to another, say hello to our friends at the Central City Visitor Center. They’ll not only help you find your way but make recommendations. Directions aren’t the only thing you’ll find at the center, either. While you’re there, pick up a gift for someone on your list. Browsing is allowed.

The Central City Visitor Center is located at 103 Eureka St., Central City. They can be reached by phone at 303.582.3345. To learn more, visit: centralcity. colorado.gov/ or follow them on social media at: www.facebook.com/VisitCentralCityCO.

Calling all antique collectors! From china to books and jewelry to furniture, there is something for every collector at the Golden Rose Antiques and Collectibles. Whether you want to fit a gift under the tree or inside a stocking, you will find something for everyone at the Golden Rose. Pick up a new hat for yourself while you’re there.

Golden Rose Antiques and Collectibles is located at 107 Eureka St., Central City. They can be reached by phone at 303.330.1682. To learn more, follow them on social media at: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100043530798130.

How long have you been waiting to take that trip to Italy? Don’t bother. La Bella Italia has come to Central City! At Bravo Italiano Caffè 42 the traditions of Italy can be taken home or gifted to your favorite person. Hungry? Great. Salami, cheeses, gelatos, pesto, imported oils, spices, and candies are at your disposal. Don’t forget to order a cup of Lavazza coffee to keep you warm while you shop.

Bravo Italiano is located at 109 Eureka St., Central City. They can be reached by phone at 720.357.7104. To learn more, follow them on social media at: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084684586453.

Since you’re keeping it local, why not make it eco-friendly and help save members of your community as well? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with upcycled items. As they say, “another person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Clothing, jewelry, trinkets, and more are available for purchase. Shopping at Ermel’s means you’ll be saving money while helping save the planet and those in need. Everyone wins at Ermel’s Emporium.

Ermel’s Emporium is located at 111 Eureka St., Central City. They can be reached by phone at: 303.582.1797.

Did someone say movie night at home? Grab a bag of white cheddar, caramel, cheddar gold, or kettle popcorn from Eureka Street Popcorn to go with your film. Holiday shopping is fun but can be tiring. A quiet evening after shopping in Central City sounds good to me. Save me a seat. I’m coming over.

Eureka Street Popcorn is located at 115 Eureka St., Central City. To learn more, visit: www.eurekastreetpopcorn.com/ or follow them on social media at: www.facebook.com/eurekastreetpopcorn.

The snow is starting to stick, the plows are out, and the chill in the air is not only triggered by cold temperatures but the spirit of the holiday season. This year, remember to spread the holiday cheer by shopping locally.

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