I made $7,000 in a week trying beauty brands from Sephora and Ulta – and I get free products


THERE has been an unbelievable way to make a $7,000 a week living for any wannabe beauty guru, according to an online influencer.

It involves trying free products from top beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta.

A TikToker shared how she makes $7,000 as an affiliate partner for Sephora and Ulta


A TikToker shared how she makes $7,000 as an affiliate partner for Sephora and UltaCredit: TikTok/thrivingonline

TikTok user ThrivingOnline refers to herself as the “side hustler queen” to her nearly 60,000 followers.

The title is fitting as the influencer recently shared how she makes $7,000 in a week just trying beauty brands.

Essentially, she revealed she’s getting paid to try free products.

One of the products ThrivingOnline got to try was the Jo Malone perfume, which is regularly available at Sephora for around $100.

An affiliate marketing partnership with these top brands is the ideal way for any beauty guru to embark on their own side hustle journey.

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But how do you actually get started on this side hustle of your dreams?

How to do it

According to the Sephora website, those in its affiliate program create revenue by providing access to more than 200 top brands over 13,000 products to their own audience.

That’s essentially what an affiliate marketer gets paid to do: upping sales by exposing their own following to these products. When they purchase any item, the affiliate marketer will earn a commission on it.

In addition to offering free samples and free shipping, Sephora provides affiliate-only special offers and promotions, and it’s entirely free to join the affiliate program.

The process includes filling out a form before the company approves your site.

Meanwhile, Ulta Beauty offers a similar program to affiliates.

With a total of 500 beauty brands available, like bareMinerals, Too Faced and Essie, Ulta will pay affiliates commission on sales achieved through affiliate links and promo banners listed on each affiliate’s website.

.As an affiliate, you will get free shipping orders, free gifts, buy-one-get-one promos and special coupon codes and offers.

Ulta also requires you to submit an online registration form to get approved.

Best chances of success 

To excel in this type of partnership properly, it pays to already be an established influencer.

This way, you can work on creating engaging content that promotes products instead of just working to build up a following to begin with.

According to a recent survey, 74 percent of Gen Z and 66 percent of Millennial consumers rely on authentic recommendations from influencers when choosing a beauty product.

That means there is clear potential to be a driving force behind your audience’s purchases, and subsequently catch a commission paycheck. 

Beyond just social media promotion, affiliates can send out email lists or even host events centered around the products.

When promoting a product, you should seek to increase the brand’s overall awareness while targeting new customers that fall within your audience group.

But you don’t want to choose just any brand with whom to partner.

It’s important the brand fits your niche as a content creator and that the values of your viewers and the brand itself are aligned. 

Otherwise, you might struggle to bring in sales.

Remember that all side hustles require you to report your earnings to the IRS.

Neglecting to do so means you may face heavy fines.

Other side hustles

Ulta and Sephora are definitely not the only brands offering beauty fans the chance to get in on some of the money making action.

Other popular beauty affiliate programs include MAC, ELF, and Chanel.

But beauty affiliate programs are just one option amid plenty of successful side hustle opportunities.

One easy side hustle option that doesn’t require any specific educational background is to sell your photographs on Foap.

One influencer has revealed how this side hustle can earn you hundreds of extra dollars by just connecting the app with the old photographs you already have lying around on your phone.

Depending on your hobbies, there might be a way to launch them into a successful business as well, like this college dropout who makes $327,000 a year with his clothing company.

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Or, if you want to run an online boutique, you can make $2,000 from just working two hours a day like this influencer.

Another TikToker revealed how you can make $500 a day just from transcribing audio.

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