GridKor Acquires The Perfect V



Based in Pittsburgh, the company is a collaborative partnership between GridSwitch and KorDev. The company offers diversity to the growing GridKor portfolio and puts Chief Marketing Officer Josh Clingensmith and team in a place to showcase their skills in the e-commerce space, according to GridKor officials.


“We’re really excited to grow a brand that has such a high ceiling of potential. This brand strikes a creative chord for us and we’re very confident in our ability to turn this into an 8-figure company,” Clingensmith said.


The Perfect V was the first premium intimate skincare brand for women that promotes the utmost care of the intimate area by giving women confidence, comfort and injecting beauty to traditional categories of hair removal and feminine care. The company was founded by now-partner Avonda Urben, who will remain on the board to help guide the direction of the business.


The V V Gentle Promise is integral to The Perfect V brand. All products were formulated under EU guidelines and are cruelty-free, clean and dermatologist and gynecologist vetted with no parabens, alcohol or sulfates. The Perfect V products keep the pH balance in check and their fragrance-free formulas are gentle, yet highly effective. The line of V V Creams with their multi-tasking benefits derived from skin-enhancing Nordic ingredients (Arctic Cloudberry, Lingonberry, Elderflower, Rose Hips and Bilberry) fill a void in the marketplace.


The Perfect V is also the creator of the Vanicure, a premier skincare treatment for the bikini area. This trademarked beauty service elevates various hair removal services (wax, sugar and laser) by providing clients with smooth, beautiful skin enhancing the beauty of the V. There’s also an at-home line of Vanicure products for maintenance treatment that women find effective in keeping this area beautiful. 


The Perfect V also opens the door to licensing opportunities for the sought-after “V V Cream” and “Vanicure.” GridKor plans to pitch these licensing opportunities to appropriate global health and beauty brands and lifestyle brands.


The Perfect V products are available on their website, Revolve, Blue Mercury, Macy’s, Amazon, Anthropologie, Current Body and other online retailers. Products are also available in spas and salons across the globe.


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