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BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — When it comes to our beloved pets, most of us are willing to do just about anything to keep them healthy, happy, and living as long as possible. We are not only feeding our furry friends holistic food but are now demanding eco-friendly and organic products. Concerned dog owners can now have peace of mind purchasing items that are made in US and free from harmful toxins.

Fay Andersson is the founder and owner of Louie de Coton a successful, enterprising, top-notch business designing and manufacturing sustainable and stylish dog products focusing on health and wellness. Recently celebrating their 10th anniversary of creating comfortable, environmentally friendly products from fashionable clothing to carry-on bags, she is a leader in the industry living her dream to the fullest and working tirelessly to educate us about the benefits of her company.

“Our pets are family who deserve the absolute best when it comes to stylish wearable products that are functional, comfortable and sustainable. Our products are individually made in Seattle, Washington because I am a firm believer in keeping jobs right here in the United States. We use highly technical materials with no harmful chemicals for the environment and our pups. Many of our components including tags, labels and packaging materials are even made here. Pet apparels and carry-on bags manufactured overseas don’t meet the same standards as products made in the USA. Imagine a little dog sitting in a bag made and padded with chemicals they inhale it into their lungs or the clothes they are wearing – absorbing chemicals into their skin. Dogs react by eventually developing allergies or long-term illnesses and end up taking prescription medicine when the real solution is a more natural approach. With our products, they are safe calm, and comfortable and that’s really the core basis of our company.”

Prior to starting her own business, Fay was Senior Business Analyst Consultant for Microsoft when in 2011 she was in a deadly accident which led to few broken ribs. During her slow recovery, she got an adorable Maltese named Louie de Coton – calling him Louie for short – who became her constant companion. Hoping to keep Louie warm and cozy in the cold, rainy Pacific Northwest weather where they lived, Fay purchased jackets for their long walks together. While they looked cute, they just didn’t offer the protection he needed from the harsh elements. Hiring a talented seamstress, she designed a fashionable, warm, durable jackets and coats for Louie derived from the highest quality technical materials that are offered by top athletic brands. Soon enough she began receiving requests from friends and family to make jackets for their pups too. That is what inspired her to create Louie de Cotton named after her beloved fur baby.

Creating her own wearable dog products, Fay uses only natural, recycled or organic materials determined to protect them from toxic and harsh chemicals that are used in the manufacturing pet products. Collaborating with highly technical performance manufacturer of fleece, insulation and foam companies to make the products. The company typically spends 6 months to a year rigorously testing its products on thousands of dogs. Pet owners provide critical feedback to inform them how their dogs are reacting to their products which are carefully evaluated to meet the highest standards for safety. Not just with the food our dogs eat but with products such as apparels, toys, and bags is important to look into chemical free made in USA products.

Due to her extensive research, Fay truly understands what goes into her creations to make them healthy and sustainable. She even started her own blog and attends events to educate consumers about the first-rate standards of her company. She is proud to have been recognized and featured in a various world known publications as the world’s best sustainable dog product. Louie de Coton is a certified sustainable company and is a member of EnviroStars, a highly reputable green organization based out of the Northwest. The core principle of her business is to go all-natural to benefit both our furry little friends as well as the environment. It’s important to the company not to contribute to toxins that end up in landfills harming our water and soil as well as our pets. Creating highly comfortable and functional all-natural products using only soy-based foam and organic cotton for our bags and recycled materials for clothing, all minimally processed and manufactured in the U.S. under strict supervision and the highest of standards, is the lasting legacy Fay has attributed to her beloved Louie.

Fay’s next innovative product that is still in design stage is a calming TSA carry-on bag for dogs who suffer from high anxiety. Created for pets that are under 20 lbs and can fit under a seat. It is designed to be breathable and comfortable and maintain low-stress levels for pups while they travel – our goal is always about the health and wellness of pets. Their ingenious cooling products with UPF50+ have also been proven to relieve dogs of their skin sensitivities and allergies.

“My designs are for people who want to provide the most fashionable and finest products for their dogs. My passion for this company started with Louie but now it’s to serve other dog lovers and everyone in my company puts their heart and soul into creating our products for them.”

Louie de Coton is now working on expanding their creative problem -solving cooling shirt with UPF50+ that is 100% natural and made of recycled plastic bottles. The UV is as harmful to dogs as it is to humans, it lowers their immune system and this special comfortable product blocks out 98% of UV rays. Her organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, sustainable, pet products also include calming performance fleece jackets as well as waterproof and windproof coats. Happy pet owners can carry their pups in style and comfort with chic, calming pooch bags, and for added style and warmth, also accessorize them with limited-edition bag liners and blankets. Definitely, a wonderful and stylish way to keep your pet with you while running around or doing daily activities.

Giving back to the community and acknowledging the hard work and dedication of rescue groups is also essential. Fay designs and produces a beautiful wall calendar with U.S. and Canadian dates to help bring awareness to rescues. Twelve lucky dogs and their inspiring stories have been chosen this year from over 1621 pictures submitted by loving pet owners will be fashionably printed locally with all proceeds donated to local rescue groups. It’s a wonderful way to show recognition as well as to help with the rising costs of animal welfare.

“I really want to give back to the world as a human being in the form of a business. Encouraging young and old generations alike that you can accomplish what you want with hard work and perseverance if you feel it in your heart. Money is not the ultimate success. It comes when you put your heart and soul into what you love but you also have to work hard. I believe I came into the world to serve others just like our dogs serve us. They never ask for anything and give so much of themselves and love us unconditionally. I would love to learn from dogs how to be a better person. I believe that people love their animals and want to enjoy their special moments with them. That’s why we have the calendar to show people with their pets as family members not just animals. They are truly incredible. I don’t think I could ever live without a dog, and a home without a dog to me represents a life of emptiness.”

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