I dumpster dive for beauty products — you won’t believe my crazy finds

One beauty lover’s trash is truly another’s treasure.

TikTok creator Ella Rose, whose account is dedicated to dumpster diving at all kinds of stores, dug through her local Ulta Beauty dumpster and apparently found a treasure trove of discarded products, many still in their boxes and good as new.

“So much of it was factory sealed!” she captioned the post documenting her “insane” beauty bonanza.

One hot ticket item — an Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment Kit that retails for $62 on the store’s website; currently, it also comes as a free gift with other Olaplex purchases. Another, a BaBlissPro curling iron that was still intact, comes in anywhere between $59 to $79.

Only one of the four hot tools she recovered had a cut cord, leaving two curling irons and a mini straightener as fair game.

Ulta dumpster diving
Ella Rose found three intact hair tools in the trash.

Her surprising bounty also included several perfect-looking Benefit Cosmetics blush, bronzer and highlighter palettes that were apparently thrown out — retailing for $36 and free with some Benefit purchases. Other usable products included MAC setting sprays and lipsticks, a Bare Minerals foundation and CeraVe face washes.

This Olaplex is currently listed at $62 on Ulta's website.
This Olaplex is currently listed at $62 on Ulta’s website.

The clip, which has nearly 1 million views, received lots of comments from people grieving the seemingly nonchalant disposal of these sought-after items.

“The Olaplex is hurting my heart,” one person wrote in a sea of others wishing they could have the gift set.

“This is so sad,” another user simply stated.

“It blows my mind that they do the Ulta soup and don’t just donate the returns to shelters,” a commenter said of the store’s practices.

Many of the products' boxes were dirty...
Many of the products’ boxes were dirty …
...but the contents were perfectly clean.
… but the contents were perfectly clean.

“Be careful cause my Ulta used to put Nair [a hair-removal product] in hair products before throwing them in the dumpster,” another user advised Rose.

“I’ve heard of that, I don’t trust most products,” the creator replied. “But most of these hair product still have the factory seal.”

It is unclear what Rose plans to do with her Ulta finds, but The Post has reached out to ask. According to her YouTube bio, she has been able to “donate so many items through dumpster diving.”

Another popular comment on Rose’s post was people wondering whether dumpster diving is even legal. The simple answer is, yes, as long as it’s on public property. But if there is a sign that says otherwise, you better not try it.

Digging through trash on private property can lead to trouble, as you potentially could be punished for trespassing.

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