16 Best Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Clothing Gifts to Buy in 2022

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Often the source of the most waste, the clothing industry is slowly making amends by using more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ethical processes to make its products. It’s not too difficult nowadays to find shoes and jackets made from plastic water bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill, or from renewable rather than nonrenewable sources. 

These apparel gifts are better for the planet and a more thoughtful option for your environmentally and socially conscious recipient. They tend to be a little more expensive than traditional clothing, but the extra bucks are a small price to pay for longer-lasting sustainable apparel that makes smarter use of the planet’s resources. 

Most of these items are available with expedited shipping, and some should arrive within a few days’ time, so don’t stress too hard about your last-minute shopping — just remember that the sooner you order, the better your chances of a timely arrival.

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