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The book helps readers learn how to see life in a positive manner through Pagel’s own lens of the world.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2022 / — Marius Pagel is pleased to announce the release of his brand-new poetry book, Inner Wisdom.

Marius Pagel is an author and Respiratory Therapist from sunny Orlando, Florida, whose passion and dream is to inspire people through writings and the story he has to share with the world. For Pagel, making a positive impact on the world is what drives him to write powerful words of wisdom that can spark ideas in readers’ minds from the very first sentence onward.

In his most recent news, Pagel is thrilled to inform the public about his newly released poetry book, Inner Wisdom. Inner Wisdom is Pagel’s first publication and was developed after his devout Instagram followers encouraged him to write a physical book that others would be able to hold and read at their leisure.

“Inner Wisdom stands out from the other niche books by delivering messages that are written in a rhythmical format – while quickly being able to provide powerful, inspirational content without the need for reading long books to receive a noteworthy uplifting message,” Pagel says. “While it may be easy for people to write inspirational messages or quotes, not many can do it in my poetic rhythmical manner that can tell a full story in a very short time. I understand that people live busy lives, so my style of writing is perfect for people that don’t have the time to sit for hours and read lengthy books but do enjoy occasional quick reads.”

“One of my favorite readings,” Pagel continues, “is from Inner Wisdom and relates to one’s state of mind. It says:

‘Your state of life is determined by your state of mind.

Choose to see the goodness in people, and happiness will be easy to find.

Let go of your doubts, and life will gift you clarity.

Even in times of famen, one can find prosperity.

The mind likes to cling to the past but you must bring yourself to a present view.

When you live in the moment, you realize that heaven is right in front of you.’”

For more information about Inner Wisdom, or to purchase a copy of the book, please visit Readers can also check out his Instagram page, @marius_maximus, where he posts weekly writings/content that is aesthetically designed and focused on mindset, inspiration, and wisdom.

About Marius Pagel

One year ago, Marius Pagel began sharing his inner thoughts about positivity through writing on Instagram. While sharing his work on the platform, his page organically grew from 1k followers to over 9k in less than one year. During this time, Pagel’s writings and quotes have been shared thousands of times by many followers, including some celebrities. As such, Pagel made the decision to start capturing his wisdom in books, with Inner Wisdom being his first.
Marius Pagel
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