Walmart offers luxury dupes of popular beauty products for under $50 – and shoppers have been left seriously impressed

WALMART has started selling luxury beauty dupes for under $50 – and fans are seriously impressed.

The retailer now supplies high-quality fragrances from Dossier, whose scents are inspired by popular designer brands.

Walmart is now offering Dossier fragrances in stores


Walmart is now offering Dossier fragrances in storesCredit: Walmart

The line includes low-cost versions of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, Lancome’s La Vie Este Belle, and Yves Saint Laurent’s Libre.

And best of all they range from $29 to $49 – sending beauty fans flocking to get their fix.

One YouTuber raved: “Dossier is now at Walmart!”

Someone else commented: “My day is made. I hope they have it [in] my stores.”

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Another blogger said: “I’ve heard good things about the Dossier fragrances so I added a few of their perfumes to my usual Walmart order and have been so impressed. 

“Dossier is known for premium fragrances but at a fair price. 

“They are all clean formulas, come in recycled packaging and last just as long or longer as designer fragrances.”

Among the best prices in the range is Dossier’s answer to Yves Saint Laurent Libre – Fruity Almond – which can be picked up from Walmart at just $29.

The most expensive in the line is the Ambery Saffron at $49 – but it’s a steal in comparison to Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 which will set you back over $300.

The line offers unisex fragrances, women’s perfumes, and men’s cologne to offer something for everyone.

On Reddit users shared how surprised they were by the quality of the items.

“I definitely think it’s kinda worth the deal to get the discount and free shipping,” wrote one user. “The one I wanted was the one I ended up not liking and the other two I was pleasantly surprised how good they are.”

Dossier at Walmart

The following dupes can be picked up from Dossier at Walmart:

Carolina Herrera Good Girl – Fruity Almond ($29)

Yves Saint Laurent Libre – Floral Lavender ($29)

Tom Ford Black Orchid – Spicy Orchid ($39)

Lancome La Vie Este Belle – Gourman Orange Blossom ($29)

Kilian Paris Love – Floral Marshall ($39)

Le Labo Thé Noir 29 – Citrus Tea ($39)

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 – Ambery Saffron ($49)

Walmart is stocking the products in some of its stores


Walmart is stocking the products in some of its storesCredit: Getty

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