Addison Rae goes into selfie mode in white crop top


addison rae takes a selfie
Addison Rae jokes about selfies with a bed selfie of her own. Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

Addison Rae demonstrated her knowledge of irony as she lamented the bizarre nature of selfies with a self-taken photo.

The picture appeared on Addison’s Instagram page on Wednesday for the enjoyment of her 39.7 million followers on the platform.

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Addison held the camera above her as she lounged on a bed with her brown locks on one side.

The TikTok star rocked a white crop top ripped in the center with nothing underneath. She wore little in the way of accessories, with small silver hoops in her ears.

Addison rocked a full face of makeup, including brushed brows, winged eyeliner, mascara, and rosy cheeks. She also wore lip tint and overlined lips as she struck a pose.

Addison’s followers appreciated the photo’s candidness, with 468k likes and counting.

It was certainly a clever way to point out the absurdities of social media-obsessed culture– a culture from which Addison has undoubtedly benefited.

Addison has spoken at length in interviews about social media platforms and their downsides. However, the pros may outweigh the cons for Addison.

Addison graced the cover of Elle in June, and the conversation turned to social media– unsurprisingly, since that was where Addison started her career.

The Louisiana native offered a sage word of advice about social media. She told Elle, “No matter who you are or what you do, there’s going to be negativity. Social media can be toxic, and dealing with it is definitely an uphill battle.”

Addison took an optimistic tone, adding that if everyone loved themselves, “they’d have less to say about other people.”

However, Addison suggested that those navigating social media should “find what makes you feel most like you on social media.”

In other words, Addison was a proponent of authenticity in social media.

Addison has found success doing what she liked most, leading to her business venture, Item Beauty.

Addison Rae’s Item Beauty line

Addison had served as the co-founder and chief innovation officer for Item Beauty, which she released less than one year after catapulting into the spotlight.

The LSU dropout revealed that her mother, Sheri Nicole, was a makeup artist. 

She told Allure, “I loved her love for makeup, and it really just fueled my love for makeup.”

As with most emerging brands, Item Beauty is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, appealing to many consumers.

Addison regularly promotes Item Beauty on her social media pages. With millions of fans and followers, it essentially serves as free advertising.


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