Nestlé Malta launches third edition of Clothes Collection Drive

Nestlé Malta are proud to announce that for another successive year they are launching their popular Clothes Collection Drive as part of their strategy to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR). This will be the third consecutive year that the company will be holding this charitable initiative. 

The scheme was successfully launched in 2020, as Nestlé colleagues, customers, and the public, were encouraged to donate and drop off items of clothing at the Nestlé Consumer Centre in Lija. Since then, this annual social initiative has proved to be very popular. Thanks to this positive initiative, Nestlé Malta are continuously reinforcing their commitment to their CSR strategy, while extending their support to the local community in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

This year’s scheme will go live on Thursday, November 10, 2022. Those interested in participating, are invited to donate and drop off their clean, pre-loved items of clothing in Lija, no later than Saturday 10th December 2022. 

“Our first edition of the Clothes Collection Drive was an instant success and last year, we almost managed to double the amount collected. This year, we are hoping to beat last years’ quota of 1,701kg for yet another successful year of the charity drive,” said Marie-Clare Church, Product Manager. 

Once again, Nestlé will double the public’s clothing aids by donating the equivalent weight in Nestlé food products and distributing them to those in need through their local NGOs partners ‘Caritas’ and the ‘Malta Foodbank Lifeline Foundation’, 

“Giving can feel very rewarding and satisfying. Small acts of kindness towards other people or local entities can have a huge impact on people’s lives, and for the better. At Nestlé we are super excited to see if we can make an even bigger impact this year and help those in need,” said Anita Olton, Corporate Communications Manager.

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