Trending news: Reliance ties up with FRX Innovations to make fire resistant fabric Rekron FS more durable



Recron FS is part of the steps it is taking as part of its commitment to the environment.
There is a boom in the demand for durable fabrics in the textile industry around the world.
It is worth mentioning that Rekron FS is used for making seats and curtains in Indian Railways.

New Delhi. Reliance Industries has said that it will use FRX Innovations’ Nofia technology to make its fire resistant staple fiber Rekron FS more durable. Nofia’s polymeric phosphorous based chemistry helps Rekron FS to be more technologically advanced to make it more sustainable and polyester. Other materials involved in this technology are certified to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 for use in the textile industry.

Reliance Industries has said that it has also received sustainability certification from ChemForward, Green Screen and TCO. As the world comes out of the impact of Kovid-19, there has been a boom in the demand for durable clothing in the textile industry. Textile companies are incorporating environmental and social responsibility goals into their post pandemic growth strategies.

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Sustainable textile demand is increasing worldwide
Reliance Industries has said in its statement that there is a growing demand for more sustainable, eco-friendly and fire retardant technology among textile companies around the world. The company has said that the Rekron FS is part of the steps being taken by it as part of its commitment to the environment. According to RIL, Rekron FS is used for making seats and curtains in Indian Railways as it provides more fire protection and is comparatively cheaper.

How Nofia Works on Polyester
Rekron FS is a variant of Fabric developed by Reliance. At its core is FRX Innovations’ Nofia technology. Substances included in Nofia Polymeric Phosphorus add strength to Reliance’s Recron FS. Through this technology, up to 60 percent of recycled polyester can be used. This feature is what makes this technology quite attractive. Speaking on this, Hemant D Sharma, Sector Head, Polyester Business, Reliance said, “We are proud to further enhance the security of Rekron FS. “We are committed to providing exceptional fire protection without compromising on health, environment and beauty.”

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About Reliance Industries
It is the largest private company in India. In the financial year ended March 31, 2022, RIL’s revenue was Rs 792756 crore and cash profit was Rs 110778 crore while the company’s net profit was Rs 67845 crore. Reliance Industries is engaged in the fields of petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, hydrocarbon exploration, solar and hydrogen energy, financial services, retail and digital services.

About FRX Innovations
It is a global manufacturing company that manufactures durable and fire retardant products. Its business is spread in the fields of electronics, automotive, electric vehicles and medical devices. Nofia is a registered trademark of this company. Nofia products are manufactured at a manufacturing facility located in the Port of Antwerp in Belgium.

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