7 iOS Apps That Promote Eco-friendly, Sustainable Living

Over the past few years, scientists have emphasized the irreversible damage humans can cause to the ecosystem and the environment.

Because of this, many proposed taking individual actions to help the planet, starting with living a greener lifestyle and becoming more eco-conscious.

For whatever being eco-friendly means to you, here are seven applications that will help you make small changes in your impact on the environment:

1. Olio

The food industry is one of the greatest contributors to climate change, which is why making sustainable choices in food consumption is necessary.

Through Olio, you can reduce food waste by taking photos of an item and sharing them with neighbors on the app, who might want spare food instead of disposing of them, CNET writes.

Not only is Olio a great way to help the planet by minimizing food waste, but it can help build a community of friends who want to do the same.

2. Vinted

Vinted is another ethical consumption app that focuses on searching, purchasing, and selling secondhand clothes, toys, and homeware, reducing your carbon emissions by 10%.

Asda says that Vinted lets you discover a wide range of labels from some of the shops you like, and allows you to filter them by category, brand, size, and price.

This shift from street shopping to online secondhand shopping gives pre-loved items a purpose, and reduces the amount of pollution coming from the fashion industry.

3. Good On You

Good on You is another thrifting app that shows brand ratings for fashion companies, helping you decide which brands are worthy of your support.

With unethically sourced clothes polluting the planet severely, Good On You will allow you to discover alternatives for unethical clothing brands.

Additionally, this app provides you with tips, guides, and styles that keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends you can access in the most sustainable way possible.

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4. Think Dirty

CNet reviews Think Dirty as an app that helps you find eco-friendly cosmetics and beauty products by learning about potentially toxic ingredients in personal care.

Think Dirty has a Dirty Meter that will tell you specific considerations on the products, in terms of ingredients, certifications, and health impacts.

By taking care of yourself through Think Dirty, you can support clean products that fight against animal cruelty and harmful pollutants in the beauty and hygiene industries.

5. Strava

Strava is another application Asda categorizes as eco-friendly because it helps you keep track of your cycling and walking goals.

This app will motivate you to reduce your carbon footprint by tracking your fitness in relation to your running, cycling, walking, swimming, and hiking activities.

Not only does this app make you fitter, but Starva will surely help reduce the number of cars on the road releasing fumes into the atmosphere.

6. Oroeco

Ecobnb defines Oroeco as an app that is meant to raise environmental awareness on individual impact on climate change and global warming.

This app tracks and calculates your carbon footprint and climate impact by analyzing every part of your life, and gives you tips to reduce pollution and save money.

7. Carma Carpooling

Cars pump an excessive amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, forcing people to find ways to minimize their carbon emissions.

While scientists found that walking and cycling can still get you where you need to be, traveling in some circumstances will not be possible like that.

With this, Carma Carpooling offers a solution that will help users connect with people from the same area to get to the same destination they want.

This will help you get in touch with carpoolers, and let you split the cost of transportation while you enjoy the experience of driving together.

While the apps do not guarantee to change the world in an instant, they greatly help with improving people’s habits and behaviors in preserving the planet.

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