The 16 Best Gifts for Gen Z in 2022


Gen Z is widely considered to be an enigma—and I say this as a zoomer myself. I was born in ’98 (anyone born between 1997 and 2012 is considered part of the club), and even still, I find myself confuddled by my generation. In the face of tumult (and boy, there’s been a lot of it in our seminal years), we cope with post-ironic humor. We have a penchant for self-deprecation, yet are proud, oustanding members of the self-love moment. And despite having not-so-sunny dispositions about the future (opens in new tab)studies show that Gen Z (opens in new tab) is perhaps the most socially and politically conscious of any generation yet—and we’re energized to create the world we want (opens in new tab)

We’re also a generation that grew up with constant connectivity through social media and the internet, which means we’ve grown accustomed to having everything at our fingertips. As such, when it comes to getting a gift for Gen Z, where are you to start? For the generation that has access to it all, what exactly do they want? In pursuit of finding out what exactly is on their wishlists, I crowdsourced amongst several in-the-know Gen Z-ers on what they’re hoping to receive this holiday season. From Apple’s AirPod Maxes to quirky-kitschy charm necklaces (opens in new tab) to high-tech jewelry, discover the best gifts for Gen Z ahead, straight from the zoomer’s mouth.

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