Kourtney Kardashian announces new product release from steamy bubble bath

Kourtney Kardashian attends the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2018
Kourtney Kardashian poses in the bathtub to promote her new products. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/StarMaxWorldwide

Kourtney Kardashian looked stunning in a steamy bathtub photoshoot to promote her latest product launch.

The 43-year-old socialite and media personality posed nude to show off her magnesium bath flakes. These flakes were the result of a collaboration between Kardashian and Barker Wellness Co.


The collaboration is especially fitting as Barker Wellness Co is the health and beauty business owned by her husband, Travis Barker.

Kardashian put the bath flakes to good use as she relaxed in a bubble bath. In both photos, the product can be seen sitting on the ledge of the bathtub next to her.

Meanwhile, for the first photo, Kardashian sat in the bathtub. She smoldered at the cameras as she held up a cluster of bubbles in her hands.

Her dark hair hung in damp strands down her back in the photo as she went for a natural look. Kardashian’s second photo saw her reclining in the bathtub with her legs crossed and resting outside the tub.

Kourtney Kardashian debuted new products via collaboration

While the magnesium bath flakes were Kardashian’s favorite, it was noted in the caption that she debuted a total of four new products via her collaboration with Baker Wellness.

In addition to Kardashian’s bathtub promotion, Barker Wellness also debuted an advertisement for the products. A short video advertisement saw Kardashian posing with all four products.

The caption explained the products included body oil, body butter, and bath flakes. All of the products are all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products.

Kardashian has taken after her family with her recent dive into entrepreneurship. The Kardashian and Jenner families own numerous product lines and businesses.

Kardashian started Poosh in 2019, a health and wellness blog that helps its readers live their best and healthiest lives. Meanwhile, she also debuted Lemme, a supplement and vitamin line, to go alongside Poosh.

She is expanding her business ventures further by collaborating with her husband to launch more products with Barker Wellness.

Kardashian doesn’t remember wedding with Barker

While Kardashian is proudly a Barker and has even officially gone into business with Barker, she doesn’t remember marrying him the first time. Before the two had their official wedding, they tried to elope in Las Vegas.

As reported by Yahoo!, Kardashian opened up about the wedding in the latest episode of The Kardashians. The wedding wasn’t legal because they couldn’t obtain a marriage license.

The fact that it wasn’t the real deal is good, considering that Kardashian doesn’t remember it. According to her, she was not sober during the wedding, in which they got an Elvis impersonator to perform the ceremony.

Kardashian claimed she completely “blacked out” and doesn’t remember Elvis singing to her, her walking down the aisle, or that she had a bouquet.

She also revealed that Elvis kept mistakenly calling her Khloé, apparently confusing her with her sister. When he called her Khloé during the nuptials, Kardashian said, “I just lost my mind and fell straight on the floor.”

While Kardashian claimed not to remember the wedding, she did remember having to walk back to the hotel with everyone taking her picture while she was a bit of a hot mess.

Fortunately, the two had a do-over a month later when they wed officially and legally in Santa Barbara in May of 2022.

Based on photos and details Kardashian has shared of the Santa Barbara wedding, it seemed to have gone much more smoothly than in Vegas.


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