What’s The Right Amount Of Skincare Products To Use? Exponent Beauty Has The Answers


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Many people today have a greater sense of which products to use on their skin. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sunscreen, for instance, are among the most common inclusions in one’s skincare routine. 

These products help protect the skin and keep it healthy, yes. But the big question now is: Are you using the right amount of the products to ensure great effects? This question makes a lot of sense because instructions on the label usually only tell you to “slather a good amount of the cream” or to “apply a thin layer of the moisturizer.” 

There is oftentimes a lack of specificity on how much of a skincare product must be used. As pointed out by celebrity aesthetician and dermatological nurse Natalie Aguilar in an article from lifestyle brand Coveteur, the serving sizes vary from one product to another due to their texture. For instance, a drop of oil may have wider skin coverage compared to a cream of the same amount.

In reality, the quantity of a skincare product applied may affect its overall efficiency. This is why it pays to have a better understanding of the “right” or “ideal” amount of skincare product to use.

Why Using The Right Amount Is Important 

Sustainable skincare brand Exponent is one of the few that recognized the great need to define the right amount of skincare products to use. Aside from being available in refillable packages for sustainability purposes, their products are precision-dosed. According to them, skincare product packages must be designed to dispense the right amount of ingredient concentration to deliver the best results.

products Skin products have different textures and consistency. Pixabay/chezbeate

There must also be an emphasis on the texture and overall physical properties of products to ensure positive effects on the skin. For instance, water-based skincare formulas typically degrade after manufacture. This inspired Exponent to create active powders that preserve their ingredients’ potency until you activate them with their specially formulated serum.

Quality Over Quantity

skincare products People these days, especially women, use a variety of skincare products. Pixabay/kalachairina

Some may argue that the type of product you are using is much more important than how much you are applying. “Quality over quantity is the way everyone should address their skincare regimen,” skincare brand founder Lauren Abramowitz pointed out in an article for Well and Good. A pea-size amount is usually the standard for retinol and eye serums. But when it comes to creams for the face and the neck area, there is a need to apply more.

There is no definitive guide on how much skincare product you must use. This is because even dermatologists have varying views and opinions on this matter. But more importantly, each person may have unique skin types, face sizes, skin health and conditions, among other factors.

Nevertheless, Abramowitz and other experts recommend the following guide for skincare product users.

  • Cleansers – Pour a nickel-sized amount of gel or cream cleanser on your palm and massage it into your skin. For foaming cleansers, WebMD suggests applying one pump.
  • Serum – Serums are emollient, so a pea-sized amount is often all you need. Meanwhile, the lifestyle online publication Byrdie said a couple of drops dispersed across the face would be enough.
  • Moisturizer – Take a nickel-sized amount of moisturizer, whether in the form of cream or lotion. When applying to the neck area, a quarter-size amount would suffice. But experts suggest that drier skins may require a little more moisturizer, while oily skins need a little less. 

Starting A Sustainable Skincare Routine

As a general rule, make sure you are using the right amount by starting with a small amount. As you apply the product to the targeted skin, you will learn how much more you will need just by the feel.

In addition, go for brands that value precision and sustainability without compromising the quality of their products. More and more beauty brands today are making the effort of revolutionizing their products and using technology to create a better impact on their customers. Exponent, for instance, uses anti-degradation systems that prevent their products from losing efficiency. This innovation helps preserve active ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinol, CoQ10 and resveratrol that are prone to oxidation and degradation.

They also take the green option of making their packages refillable to minimize environmental waste. They use recyclable glass and aluminum packages instead of plastic ones.

Furthermore, it is crucial to consult a medical professional to find the right skincare product for your skin type. Your dermatologist must be able to give you recommendations and instructions on the application to achieve great results. Remember that you must take good care of your skin since it is one of your body’s first lines of defense. Always choose safe and quality products.

skincare There are natural ways to take good care of your skin. Pixabay/kerdkanno

Taking good care of your skin does not only mean constantly applying a complete set of skincare products. You should exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet for better skin health. 

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