23 Best Korean Skincare Products of 2022


Evaluate the ingredients

“Innovation and effectiveness have become synonymous with K-Beauty; Korean skincare products are always searching for the best, most beneficial way to help treat and prevent concerns,” Cho explains. Because this is the case, K-beauty brands are often pioneering a ton of new and exciting ingredients, textures, delivery systems, and categories (hi, snail mucin! sorbet soft cleansing balms! cushion compacts! essences!).

“Also, many of the ingredients that we’ve come to love and associate with Korean skincare come from hanbang, or in other words, traditional Korean medicine—ginseng, green tea, and lotus, all have long histories of being used in Korean remedies!” Cho says.

Understand that a 10-step routine is not necessary

Each and every person’s skin is unique, meaning some may benefit from a 10-step routine, and others may not. Cho agrees, “learning about the possible 10 steps is a great educational resource and tool for you to understand what possibilities there are, but I firmly believe that the number of steps in your routine is up to the individual lifestyle, budget, and skin goals.”

Start slow

After reading and learning about all of the kick-ass K-beauty products, I can understand why you may want to jump in and pop each and every one in your cart. But slow down! (1) Adding too much too soon can freak your skin out, and (2) let’s be real, that’s a sh*t ton of money. Start slow and begin with a ritual that can be easily incorporated into your skincare routine. Cho’s advice? Double-cleansing.

“One of my favorite parts of my skincare routine is double-cleansing; it’s the foundation of any skincare routine—the first step removes oil-based impurities, like sunscreen and makeup, and the second step ensures the remaining water-based impurities, like sweat and dirt, are gone,” says Cho. She explains that this method is the best way to remove gunk and bacteria that can lead to breakouts and premature aging.

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