Sally Beauty Launches New Bond Repair Line

Sally Beauty is rolling out a new line of bonding technology products for all hair types and textures. Bondbar includes a four-step, accessibly priced system that bridges the gap in care for damaged hair, according to the beauty company and retail destination.

“Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable increase in DIY styling and hair color, from vibrant to natural shades. Customers are taking beauty into their own hands. However, frequent coloring and the use of heat can lead to damage. That’s why we see our customers take a more skincare-based approach to hair care. They want their hair to feel and be healthy — not just appear healthy,” said Steve Chattin, VP of global product development at Sally Beauty.

Bonding technology is booming within the industry, but the category tends to be premium priced, says Sally Beauty. To that end, it said it developed Bondbar at an accessible price to meet the needs of the hair-conscious consumer who is looking for both quality and value.

The range includes #3 Bonding Pre-Shampoo, #4 Bonding Shampoo, #5 Bonding Conditioner and Bonding Styling Cream.

When all four products are used as a system, the regimen promises up to 70% reduced breakage during combing and up to 90% improvement in wet detangling. Additionally, Bondbar is cruelty-free, vegan, SLS/SLES free, paraben-free, and phthalate free. Additionally, each bottle is also recyclable and sustainable.

“It was crucial for us to deliver a product that truly delivers on its promise to strengthen and repair damaged hair at an accessible price point,” added Chattin. 

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