HipDot Eyecons Are Engineering First And Designed To Be Collectable


HipDot is known for creating some of the most coveted and exclusive makeup collaborations in the category—think My Chemical Romance, Cup Noodles, SpongeBob and Reese’s. This Los Angeles-based brand has rolled out Eyecons—new 3D baked “sculpted pigments” line that is destined to be a favorite among makeup fanatics.

Cosmetics aren’t just for wearing anymore, and HipDot Eyecon is an early step in that direction, noted Jeff Sellinger, HipDot CEO and co-founder.

For this 3D eyeshadow and face pigment product line, the beauty brand first partnered with Care Bears. The “sculpture” shades are enclosed in a clear, oval case that showcases the Care Bear inside. 

HipDot x Care Bears Eyecons come in four vibrant shades—Share Bear (purple), Funshine Bear (gold), Cheer Bear (pink) and Grumpy Bear (blue). Each is $16.

Today, the HipDot x Hello Kitty Eyecons collection debuted, which features six distinctive designs—Hello Kitty in four shades plus Sanrio characters Kuromi and My Melody. They are available online through HipDot as well as Sanrio..

Hello Kitty Eyecons dropped on Oct. 20.

A Feast for the Eyes

“HipDot is really for the fans. We spent our first few years as a brand releasing highly creative, out-of-the-box collaborations in an effort to provide great fan experiences.  SpongeBob was our first release and right from the onset we created collector boxes.  Even though they’re fairly large and more expensive, the collector boxes have always been the most popular product. Fans seem to really appreciate the art and creativity that goes into collabs of their favorite brands and want to not only wear them but also display the collections,” Sellinger told Happi.

According to Sellinger, HipDot’s collaborations propelled the brand’s popularity.

“But more importantly, they’ve provided a lot of insight into what fans appreciate,” he said.

Eyecons are the first of several innovative formats that the brand has been working on “for a long time that will take that fan experience to a whole new level. Hopefully, the fans appreciate them as much as we do,” Sellinger noted.

Engineering the Eyeshadow

To create Eyecons, HipDot first needed to create 3D designs of all of the characters that captured as many of the important details as possible. 

“As you can imagine, there are limitations in this form factor and finding the balance is critical to properly capture the essence of the characters,” Sellinger said.

HipDot Co-Founder Mo Winter led that process.

“He has an extensive skill set and background developing cutting edge art and media,” Sellinger said of his partner. “We both come from tech and media, so we’re also very driven to innovate. Once the 3D designs are finalized, they have to be properly tested through engineering before the final molds are created.  From there it is a fragile process to get the finished product.”

The right binder ensures Eyecon will maintain its solid texture.

“It was important to find a binder that added stability while keeping the product blended, staying true to our clean formula; vegan, talc free, no mineral oil and cruelty Free. We also included other enriching ingredients like sunflower seed oil, shea butter and jojoba oil,” Sellinger told Happi.

Fans can look forward to more Eyecon collections.

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