7 Eco-Hotels in Mexico to Save the Planet


If you are looking for a trip with your family, loved ones or solo and want that trip to include adventurous activities, wellness experiences and special offers surrounded by nature and without the preoccupation of the biological impact, here are six options from which to choose.

Many travelers are holding themselves to higher social responsibility standards as they plan their trips and set forth on their journeys. Hotels and resorts are paying attention to these demands and are implementing innovative solutions and new technologies to have less of an impact on the environment.


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Living green is becoming increasingly important for everyone. When people travel, it can be more complicated to maintain those “green” values because the things travelers consume on their journeys and with their lodging are not necessarily environmentally friendly but these Mexico properties are putting the environment front and center.

If you’re thinking about eco-friendly lodging, you don’t have to limit yourself to rustic places that rob you of the comfort you’re looking for in your vacation. These are some of the best eco-friendly hotels in Mexico that connect guests with nature as well as all of the comforts of home.

Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences – MGallery Hotel, Accor hotels in Mexico, MGallery hotels in Mexico, eco-friendly hotels in Mexico
The place is surrounded by the jungle of the Tulum ecological reserve and nearby Mayan archaeological wonders, just minutes from the beach and city center.

Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences

Located within the premium award-winning and innovative community of Aldea Zamá, long regarded as being the best location in Tulum, Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences – MGallery Hotel Collection will harmoniously coexist with nature. The place is surrounded by the jungle of the Tulum ecological reserve and nearby Mayan archaeological wonders, just minutes from the beach and city center. Guests will enjoy enchanting and memorable experiences that draw upon the spirit of the destination, inspired by the Mayan culture and local community, and complemented by authentic and excellent service.

Influenced by the unique stories and personality of the hotel, Mayaliah Tulum will offer several elevated dining experiences at its four restaurants and bars, including a rooftop bar that will showcase innovative Mexican cuisine and inventive cocktails that highlight local ingredients.

El Patio 77

Housed in a 19th-century mansion, this B&B is ideal for an eco-friendly getaway. It is furnished with vintage recycled pieces and uses solar panels, recycled water, LED light bulbs (that work with sensors), and filtered water (not bottled) to accompany the 100% organic breakfasts.

The hotel has been acknowledged by a large number of design, travel, fashion, hotel, etc. magazines for the architectural value of the house and its configuration and decoration. Since the opening of El Patio 77, many guests have asked to use the space as a location for photos, commercials and recordings. Most of the spaces in the house have been used as locations in various print and digital media.

Organico Hotel

This property transports guests traveling to Mexico city to a tranquil oasis, and besides being eco-friendly, the hotel is pet friendly, too. The rooms are constructed with recycled wood, lighting is energy-efficient and activities connect guests with nature.

Organico Hotel Boutique has always bet on the development of outdoor activities. Enjoying a weekend full of peace and tranquility without leaving the city is now possible thanks to this beautiful hotel nestled in the middle of the Ajusco forest, just minutes from downtown Mexico City.

Eco resort on hillside with beach and ocean in foreground
This place is for you if you like the beach, yoga, and sustainability.


This place is for you if you like the beach, yoga and sustainability. The villas were built and decorated by local artisans. There are eco-tours, biodegradable bath products in guestrooms and recycled water contributing to its appeal as a “green” lodge.

The resort is also one of Mexico’s best wellness and yoga retreats, providing world-class yoga retreat centers. Ithe property also offers beautiful rooms, healthy Mexican food and eco-friendly activities. As a wellness resort, it provides a unique environment for those dedicated to spiritual transformation and personal growth.

Azulik Tulum

Tulum was created as Mexico’s ecological destination. But Azulik Tulum takes it to another level for guests who want to disconnect, relax and focus on the best of the destination. Electricity use is minimal. They have a farm-to-table menu and a clothing store with sustainable and fair-trade designs.

The Azulik Hotel has been named the Prix Villegiature 2022, one of the best hotels in the Artistic Universe category.

The place became a top-tier destination thanks to its fantastic beaches, natural cenotes, chill lifestyle and great restaurants. Unsurprisingly, the beach town has attracted many incredible hotels, some of which stand out among competitors. Azulik Tulum was designed to celebrate ancient Mexican history and traditions through its concept. They define the building as an “immersive work of art” with irregular lines and organic architecture.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort
This place has Rainforest Alliance Certification, recycling, a water treatment plant, environmental education program, a plant nursery, and solar panels.

Sandos Caracol

A resort for the whole family that is sustainable? Yes, it exists. Sandos Caracol has Rainforest Alliance Certification, recycling, a water treatment plant, environmental education program, a plant nursery and solar panels. It is the ideal destination for your family to fall in love with green living.

Sandos Caracol features the exciting All Nature Experience, with daily activities that allow guests to experience the magic found within the property’s lush ecosystems. At the eco-resort, you can snorkel in the clear waters of a natural cenote, swim through a mangrove forest and enjoy ecological excursions through the most breathtaking outdoor sites. And, best of all, it’s all-included.

El Copal

Lose yourself in nature at this wilderness destination to disconnect from it all. The eco-chic Cpal has ecological practices such as limited use of artificial light and water recycling and was built to adapt to the environment so as not to cut or affect the nature of the space.

Located 5 minutes from downtown Mazunte and behind Punta Cometa, El Copal has become one of the most exclusive places on the Oaxacan coast. Its original rooms, ideally located among the abundant tropical vegetation of the place, and its unique design, give you the ideal disconnection from everyday life that you need. The place offers privacy and tranquility around every corner.

The hotel’s goal is to be a place that feels like home, full of good times, excellent vibes, family dinners, and endless hours of talks. But with an eco-chic and artistic touch since El Copal has been artistically intervened by the Mexican neo-muralist Israel Guerra Spaik.

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