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Exciting Diwali Gift Ideas

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, October 18, 2022 / — Diwali Gift Ideas

While online shopping for Diwali gifts is convenient, easy & effortless, it is no match to the joy of visiting shopping markets & melas (fairs) during Diwali. The mood is festive & infectious during Diwali. There is an explosion of vibrant energy & colour and the smells and sounds can be intoxicating. Shop windows are brightly lit! The markets are decorated in festive fabrics and dazzling displays of the latest fashion trends covering a smorgasbord of offerings in all the colors of the rainbow and shades in between. Each shopping market has a different theme bringing its own way of sharing the Diwali cheer with everyone. People are attracted to the joyous ambience. While shop owners compete with one another for business, the collaborative and camaraderie during this season is infectious. Shop owners join to create displays that take the consumer on a magical journey. Khan Market, Karol Bagh & South Extension Market are some of the best lit markets in Delhi. Similarly, Johari Bazar in Jaipur, T.Nagar( & Mylapore( in Chennai, Commercial Street ( Bangalore ,Colaba ( Bandra in Mumbai ,Tamil Quarters ( Pondicherry & Hogg Market( )in Kolkata are beautiful .This is by far the best season to visit India. Here, we present some Diwali gift ideas to our readers.

Diwali Melas

Diwali Melas are great places to look for Diwali gift ideas. Diwali Melas or fairs are held in practically every colony .Typically, they have several stalls to showcase products from entrepreneurs & small business owners. A visit to any of these melas will highlight the amazing range of products such as clothing, jewellery, accessories, furnishings & so on. Homemade sauces, dips, ice-creams, packaged foods & juices are also available. It is a great opportunity for small business owners to exhibit their products & grow their presence. Diwali melas also have some excellent street food. The organizers include a wide variety of cuisines form Rajasthan, Punjab, Bengal & South India too. The Blind School Mela is definitely one of the sought after melas.

Diwali is a time when most folks indulge in sweets and desserts. Traditionally sweet boxes and dry fruit boxes were exchanged with families, friends & employees. Today, the sweet boxes come with fancy sweets & beautiful packaging too.

Cashewnut based sweets, milk-based sweets, flour-based sweets are a few.Ladoos are sweets made in the shape of a ball . They are typically made of gram flour or other flour & mixed with nuts. They are absolutely delicious. Traditional sweet houses such as Haldiram, Nathu Sweets ,Bikanervala are popular.

While Diwali has traditionally been a festival associated with the exchange of food such as sweets, dry fruits etc., there is a growing trend towards gifting of other products. Some of the more popular ones are listed below.

Tea sets & crockery- Beautifully crafted tea sets, plates, dinner sets, baking trays, serving pots & cookware and planters are available in plenty. Ceramic & terracotta crockery come in a range of beautiful colours & designs. Jugs with glasses, tea sets, serving bowls & trays in stainless steel are also popular.

Festive lamps/diyas & incense/candles- Beautiful hanging lamps & lamps for puja in brass, painted clay diyas & terrecoat diyas are eternal favourites. Scented candles & perfumed candles, hanging tealight holder & floating tea light holder, are also attrractive The candles add a sense of calm & beauty in the surroundings .Multicoloured string lights are an integral part of the decorations in several homes .

Hampers- Eco friendly basket with fruits /tea/personal products -Gift hampers have evolved from packaging tradition Indian mithai /sweets & dryfruits. Today they have an assortment of chocolates,cookies, jams, preservatives, teas, coffees, chips, crisps, breads & fruits.

Glass jars with sauces & spreads- beautiful glass jars with spreads & dips are a hot favorite. There is a cheese platter too. Roasted Garlic, perri perii,hummus,cilantro & Jalepeno,pesto,aglioolio dips are all much in demand. As we experiment with cooking, Italian & Chinese food,sauces & dips become imperative .

Jewellery- customized braceltes,cufflinks , chains, photo frames in a variety of shapes & frames add a personal touch. This can be an ideal gift for close family & special friends.

German silver baskets & bowls – This metal adds a shine & festive touch . you can choose frm kum kum holder, Pooja thali set, mangal kalash,cups with spoons, urli for flowers and so on.

Cup cakes fresh juices & ice creams -coffees, are fresh drinks & food .There are lemonade, amla ginger, ladhak berry, wheat grass ,aloe vera,natural herbs,ornage apple, mixed fruits,raw grapefruit,club soda,tonic water mix pack,berry blish iced tea. AS a matter of fact , there are detox kits & apple cider too.

Personal Products

Fab India/ Forrest Essentials/ Kama /Biotique & Shahnaz Hussain are top brands for herbal soaps, moisturizers, creams & Hair care products body oils & lotions. They come up with attractive packaging & they smell is divine. More importantly, you can be pretty sure that they will be definitely used.
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